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Representative Example: Borrow £10,000 for 24 months, 24 monthly repayments of £578,37. Total repayment £13,880.88, interest rate p.a. (fixed) 39.7%. Representative APR 39.7%.

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Want to find the best rate for 12 month loans? At Personal Loans Now, we can work to find you an ideal personal loan that will fit your requirements, meaning you can receive funding that will fit into your schedule over a 12 month repayment period. If you need the money in a hurry, we can work with your application within minutes, providing you with a decision within just 90 seconds; apply now and we’ll see what we can do for you!

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How Can I Get 12 Month Loans?

To be eligible to apply for a 12 month loan, you will need to ensure:

You are aged 18 and over

You are aged 18 and over

Are a current UK resident

Are a current UK resident

Have a UK bank account

Have a UK bank account


If you meet the above criteria, we will then be able to work quickly to see if we can provide the 12 month loans you’re looking for. Offering preferential rates if your credit rating is good, we can also help even if you have a poor credit score – just hit the Apply Now button and we’ll do the rest.

Can Personal Loans Now Provide 12 Month Loans for Bad Credit?

Yes we can, and as a direct lender if we cannot agree to the terms you’re looking for, we search our database through Monevo to find 12 month loans bad credit direct lenders who are willing to help. We understand it can be difficult to rebuild your credit rating if it is in a poor way, which is why we can help you by looking at your affordability. Therefore, we highly recommend going through and working out your income and expenditure, so you know exactly what your affordability is.

There are many online facilities that can help you go through this, as well as personal loan calculators to ensure the terms you want are affordable to your circumstances. If you need any guidance, please refer to the Money Advice Service who can give great financial advice. As responsible lenders who work within FCA guidelines, Personal Loans Now are committed to ensuring you are in a good place financially before taken on any level of borrowing.

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12 Month Loans Direct Lenders – How Does it Work?

As 12 month loans direct lenders, we can fund your borrowing directly at Personal Loans Now. However, if this is not possible, we will refer your application into the Monevo platform where we’ll be able to find other 12 month loans direct lenders who are willing to. We use a Credit on Demand system that offers both direct lending and broker advantages; this means even if you’re unsuccessful applying for loans through us, we can still look to help by connecting you with over 50 authorised direct lenders. Our aim is to find you the funding you are looking for, even if it means referring you to another lender, such is our commitment to providing a full service to our customers.

We also offer 3 month loans, 6 month loans and 24 month loans as alternatives.

Want a 12 Month Loan, Bad Credit, No Guarantor, Direct Lender? We Can Help

Having 12 month loans allows you more time to repay your borrowing; whether you apply for £2,000 or up to £25,000, having 12 months to repay can sometimes be ideal, especially if you want to make the repayments smaller each month. If you’re working to a tight budget and can’t repay over shorter periods because repayments would be too high, getting 12 month loans bad credit can be the ideal solution.

Please be aware that taking out personal loans over a longer period could mean that the rate of interest applied is higher than usual, especially if your credit rating is in poor health. To stand a chance or getting the best rates, your credit rating will need to be high and your affordability allowing for flexibility on repayments. This, of course, is not always the case and your circumstances can change. You will need to consider whether it is better for you to have longer to pay off your borrowing as if you did get into financial issues, would you still be able to afford the monthly amount; sometimes having a shorter repayment term can provide a quicker solution.

How Does the Application for 12 Month Loans Work?

All you need to do to apply for 12 month loans through Personal Loans Now is the following:

  • Check your income and expenditure thoroughly to be sure your disposable income can cover repayments.
  • Click the Apply Now button and fill in some basic personal details with our online application form including the loan amount and repayment terms you want.
  • We will then analyse your loan request and if we cannot agree with the terms, we’ll use Monevo to find a lender who can.
  • Once approved, which takes just 90 seconds for a decision, you’ll be credited your new loan amount within the hour- that’s it!

If you have any further questions regarding applying for 12 month loans through us, feel free to contact us directly and we will strive to help you with your query quickly. For a list of common questions, please read through our FAQs page.

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