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Are you in need of a cash injection, but are struggling to get accepted for personal loans for bad credit? A bad credit score can prevent you from getting the financial help you need – which is where bad credit loans come in. If you want to borrow between £1,000 and £7,500, you could be eligible for loans for bad credit, no guarantor required. At Personal Loans Now, we understand that a bad credit score doesn’t always mean that you can’t borrow responsibly. That is why we are proud to be a bad credit loans direct lender as well as a broker. We can help ensure you stand the best chance to get a loan you need.

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Get Loans for People with Bad Credit

If you have bad credit, you may be eligible for small loans for bad credit from us. Whilst we are unable to guarantee approval, we do our best to give everyone a considered decision. As a bad credit loans direct lender, we offer money to applicants that we believe can afford the repayments. If we can’t lend to you, we will compare bad credit loans and connect you with another lender of your choosing.

Whilst we do offer guarantor loans for larger amounts, those with loans for a bad credit history aren’t required to have a guarantor. You also don’t have to be a home or car owner to apply for online loans for bad credit in the UK. We keep our application simple to reduce stress and eliminate fuss when you need clarity.

What Are Bad Credit Loans?

What Are Unsecured Loans for Bad Credit?

Really bad credit loans can offer a financial solution to borrowers with a poor or limited credit history. Bad credit loans UK lenders offer funds not just according to credit checks, but affordability checks too. This gives you the fairest chance to gain access to the money you need. These checks are designed to ensure you can manage repayments throughout the duration of the instant loans for bad credit. This considers your credit score, your current financial situation, employment status and cash flow.



Same Day Loans for Bad Credit With Personal Loans Now

At Personal Loans Now, we offer direct loans for bad credit with no guarantor or security required. We believe that everyone should get the chance of receiving financial help when they need it. A bad credit score isn’t always a direct reflection of your ability to repay what has been borrowed. We can offer very bad credit loans from direct lenders, to provide applicants with the best loans for bad credit.

Whether you want emergency loans for bad credit, or you’re looking for car finance, we are here to help. If we can’t lend to you, we’ll find bad credit loans in the UK direct lenders on our bad credit loans UK panel who can. We can give you peace of mind and the assurance that you can still receive approval.

You can also use our Credit on Demand app if you’re in need of bad credit loans online with an instant decision. We offer you access to not only our cash loans, but to the entire market to provide you with the best deals. The application is simple and there are no charges with using our app, giving you the loans you need quickly.


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Borrow From A Bad Credit Loans Direct Lender in the UK

We are proud to offer loans for very bad credit as direct lenders first and foremost. We process your application within our own criteria too. Debt consolidation loans for bad credit without a guarantor or security for up to £7,500 are available. With our fast loans for bad credit online application, you’ll receive an instant decision, so you aren’t left waiting.

If we are unable to offer you the loan, we also offer access to our panel of lenders. We can search the market for the lowest rates on your requested loan amount and repayment period.

Get An Instant Decision with Debt Consolidation Loans for Bad Credit UK

We offer fast decisions on all applications that we receive, including our easy loans for bad credit. We take into account all of the details you provide us with and run fast credit and affordability checks. This determines whether you can afford the amount you’ve chosen to borrow before making a decision.

If we are unable to accept your application, we will direct you to our brokerage service. You can find the best rates for your chosen loan to reduce time spent searching. This offers you a stress-free application process.

Long Term Loans for Bad Credit With No Guarantor

We eliminate the fuss of applying for a loan with a guarantor by offering bad credit loans without one. You can compare loans with bad credit regardless of your credit score and without the need for someone to co-sign. This ultimately speeds up the process without compromising on safety or security. Our bad credit loans with a low APR are designed to offer help without relying on anyone else. We conduct full affordability checks to ensure that the loan doesn’t pose a risk to your financial situation.

How Personal Loans Now Can Help with Low Interest Loans for Bad Credit

As very bad credit loans direct lenders, we provide access to funds when they’re needed. Providing you pass our affordability checks, we make the low APR loans for bad credit application simple. We also provide flexibility and an instant decision to ensure you’re never left in the dark. Our online application will give you access to not only cheap loans for bad credit, but to the entire loan market. Our very bad credit direct lenders can offer you the cheap loans bad credit funds you need.

Apply now for a personal loan for bad credit - Personal Loans Now
Apply now for a personal loan for bad credit - Personal Loans Now

Your loans for a bad credit rating application will be personalised with real-time rates available. Not only for our own loans, but for all other lenders on hand. Choose the personal loans for bad credit in the UK you want and have complete control over who your details go to. You will have peace of mind that there will be no additional searches on your credit history.

We are an FCA authorised bad credit loans direct lender and credit broker. We have accepted over 50,000 loans online so far for applicants just like you. At Personal Loans Now, we believe affordable credit should be accessible to everyone. That is why we have created a fair, safe and simple application and borrowing process. We have a high approval rate following GDPR compliance. You can rest assured that borrowing with or through Personal Loans Now can give you access to the funds you need with ease.

Bad Credit Loans FAQs

Am I Eligible To Borrow From Bad Credit Loans Direct Lenders?

When you apply for bad credit loans online with a direct lender, you will need to meet certain criteria. Our responsible lending practices mean that we will only lend to applicants who meet the following:

  • You are 18+
  • You are a UK resident
  • You have a regular income
  • You hold a UK bank account

We will ask you for a number of personal details throughout your application. This includes your employment status, if you need loans on benefits with bad credit, monthly outgoings and your address. These details will only be used to ensure that we can offer the best loans and rates possible in the shortest time.

What Is A Bad Credit Score?

Credit scores are a numeric value given to your history of credit. This shows how ‘credit-worthy’ you are considered to be. The higher the number is, the more trustworthy you’ll appear. If you need loans for a bad credit score, this could be for a number of reasons, including:

  • Limited Credit History
  • Missed Repayments On Existing Loans
  • High Levels Of Existing Credit
  • Incorrect Details On Your Report

When you have a low or bad credit score, you’re deemed untrustworthy by lenders. This is why it can be difficult to get short term loans for bad credit in the UK when you need them. All lenders, such as bank loans for bad credit, will run a credit check before accepting your application. They will calculate the risk of lending that loan amount to you. They’ll use one of three UK-based credit reference agencies:

  1. Experian – 0-560 Is Poor, 961-999 Is Excellent.
  2. Equifax – 0-278 Is Poor, 467-700 Is Excellent.
  3. CallCredit – 0-550 Is Poor, 628-710 Is Excellent.

How Do I Improve My Credit Score?

While we do offer bad credit loans, improving your credit score can set you up for larger loans in the future. As we cannot offer bad credit loans with no credit check, so you’ll need look at the cause of your poor credit. For those who haven’t had much credit in the past, you can improve your score by taking out more credit. Paying it back in the agreed instalments will help to build a healthy credit history. Those who have defaulted on payments in the past, or have a CCJ, will require a little more work to improve the score.

By meeting repayments and paying your debts, you can be in a more secure state to borrow more in the future. You can consolidate your debts into a single loan with a lower interest rate in some cases. This will help to make these repayments more manageable overall.

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Will a Loan From Bad Credit Loans UK Lenders Improve My Credit Rating?

If you get accepted for a bad credit loan, it will work in the same way as any other loan with your credit score. If you meet the agreed repayments in full and on time, you could see your credit score improving. This will happen providing you are keeping up with any other debts or payments throughout the same period. You need to ensure that you are maintaining all loans or consolidating your debts into a single payment. This will help to ensure that all payments are on time each month.

If you default on a loan, this can have an adverse effect on your credit score. As Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) approved lenders, we will only lend to applicants who can afford the loan. We will never accept applications where the loan is likely to leave you in a worse financial state. We are a responsible lender, and are eager to give every borrower a chance. However, it’s important to ensure you only apply for what you can afford to borrow. This will help to increase your chances of gaining loan acceptance.

Are Bad Credit Loans Safe?

As an FCA-approved lender, we work hard to make sure that our practices remain responsible. We have full checks and security in place to ensure the safety of you and your loan. We understand that a bad credit score doesn’t automatically mean you can’t afford a loan. We will run affordability checks regardless to make sure that you don’t run into any financial trouble. We don’t want you to have a loan agreed that you can’t comfortably pay back.

Rest assured that with us, you can borrow the money you need without fear of running up high-interest rates. You’ll also not cause your credit score further harm, providing you keep up with the agreed repayments. We’ll consider your current financial situation to ensure that the repayments agreed are feasible. If we can’t lend to you, we’ll never forward your details on to another lender without gaining your permission first.

Are Bad Credit Loans Unsecured?

At Personal Loans Now, our bad credit loans are always unsecured. This means that you can borrow funds without having to put any of your assets at risk. Whilst secured loans require you to put up your home or car as collateral, unsecured loans put the risk on us as lenders. For this reason, interest rates may be slightly higher. However, you can benefit from the peace of mind that your valued assets aren’t at risk.

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