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Whether you’ve missed repayments, have a limited credit history or your score is poor for any other reason, poor credit loans provide a financial solution when you need it most. As a direct lender and premium broker, we are proud to offer high acceptance rates not only for our own short term loans for poor credit, but across the 40+ lenders we work with to ensure you always get the best rates possible, even with a bad credit score. Get the financial support you need when you need it most, with fast, safe and efficient loans for poor credit.

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What Are Poor Credit Loans?

Poor credit rating loans are a credit option designed for those who are in need of money but who have a limited or poor credit history. Having a poor credit score can make it difficult to be accepted for loans and other credit, but here at Personal Loans Now, we understand that it’s not just those with perfect credit that will be seeking financial support. Our mission is to make loans for poor credit accessible to the masses by taking into account more than just your credit score. As part of our FCA-approved responsible lending, we’ll conduct a full creditworthiness assessment that considers your current finances, savings and more to determine how affordable the requested loans for poor credit will be for you.

Are Personal Loans for Poor Credit Safe?

Are Personal Loans for Poor Credit Safe?

Credit scores are designed to be a guideline for lenders to determine how creditworthy you are as a consumer. Calculated according to your credit history, lenders can contact one of the leading Credit Reference Agencies in the UK to get the full report, and it’s this that lenders have previously relied on when assessing affordability risk. Here at Personal Loans Now, however, we understand that not every applicant will have a pristine credit score, which is why we are proud to consider those with lower credit scores for safe, fast and secure loans for poor credit history.


Very poor credit loans from reputable lenders are safe, providing you are able to meet the repayments agreed. With regulation stating that all lenders are required to conduct a creditworthiness check, you can apply with confidence that we will always assess whether you can afford the loan before accepting. If we are unable to accept, we have a panel of over 40 additional lenders available with our premium broker service, so that we can provide you with a personalised list of offers to suit your situation and needs. Each of these lenders are also FCA-approved and trustworthy within the industry, giving you peace of mind regardless of who you apply with.


How Long Will My Poor Credit Loans Direct Lender Application Take?

When you apply directly through Personal Loans now, the loans for poor credit application can take a matter of minutes to complete. All you have to do is fill in your details and we’ll run all the relevant checks to give you an instant answer. We pride ourselves on a fast, simple but effective loans for poor credit application that ensures you get the answers you need without the stress of waiting for a decision. We never want to leave you in the dark, which is why we have designed our application to be as efficient and stress-free as possible.

We’ll even forward your loans for poor credit rating application directly onto the lender of choice if another lender on our panel suits your needs more, to prevent you needing to fill out application after application. Following acceptance of loans for poor credit, we will send the money to your account on the same day in most cases.

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Loans for People with Poor Credit from Personal Loans Now

At Personal Loans Now, we are proud to offer the best loans for poor credit and have accepted over 50,000 loans so far, with a high acceptance rate, with that number only going up. Our UK-based customer service team are always on hand to offer advice on our loans for poor credit, so you get the answers you need when you need them. Financial trouble can be a confusing time and we want to keep things as simple as possible from the moment you visit us, to the very last payment at the end of your loan.

With real-time rates for all lenders, including us, and the ability to choose the debt consolidation loans for poor credit that you like the look of most, you have full control over where your details go. With a single application, you can apply to any of the poor credit loans direct lenders we provide you the details of, including our own direct lending service. We aim to offer some of the most competitive rates in the business, but as part of our mission to provide affordable credit to all, we will provide you with details of better rates if they are available.

Poor Credit Loans FAQs

Can I Get Debt Consolidation Loans for Poor Credit?

If you have poor credit and your debts are getting on top of you, applying for loans for poor credit in order to consolidate other high-interest debts can be an effective way of cutting this all down to one payment. While those with poor credit may witness higher rates of interest than our representative APR, debt consolidation loans for poor credit from us could still work out cheaper in the long run. You can find out for yourself with an initial calculation with our loans calculator, but be aware that interest rates may change.

Can I Get Poor Credit Loans If I’m Unemployed?

If you are unemployed, you could still be eligible for very poor credit loans providing you have proven regular income and can afford the loan you are applying for. All lenders will conduct full checks to ensure that the affordability risk is low enough, in adherence to FCA guidelines. For this reason, you can apply with the confidence that, while you are unemployed, you could still be eligible for a loan provided that you are able to afford the repayments.

Can I Get A Poor Credit Loan Without A Guarantor?

At Personal Loans Now, we don’t ask you for a guarantor when you apply for loans for poor credit. While you can apply for one of our guarantor-secured loans if this is available, you can avoid the fuss of finding a guarantor with our standard poor credit loans. These unsecured alternatives allow you to apply for and manage the loan yourself without having to link yourself financially with someone else and risk affecting yours or their credit score accordingly.

Can I Apply For Poor Credit Loans Online?

We make the application for poor credit loans simple with our online application. You can choose to apply through our website on desktop or mobile, or you can download our brand new app, Credit on Demand, in order to apply for poor credit loans while you’re on the go. Our app also enables you to manage your loans and repayments while on the go, making the entire process seamless from start to finish.

Will Poor Credit Rating Loans Affect My Credit Score?

Poor Credit Loans affect your credit score in the same way as any other loan. If you meet repayments on time and in full, a poor credit loan could help to improve your score over the duration of the repayment period. However, please be aware that a missed or late repayment may result in worsening your credit score and so all care should be taken to meet repayments. If you believe you are going to miss a repayment due to a change in circumstances, you should get in touch with us, or with your lender as soon as possible to discuss a solution. You can also seek free debt advice to help you get your finances back under control.

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