Sticking to your budget is one of the essential components of a financially healthy lifestyle! Here are some tips from Personal Loans Now to help you! Warning: You may need to start ditching the wish list and getting realistic about how much money you’ve actually got.

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Learning Highlights
  • Creating an annual budget
  • Spending cash instead of using plastic
  • Keeping note of all your spending
  • Learning about your spending psychology
  • The use of past experiences
  • Treating yourself
  • Conclusions

Creating a Budget that You Can Stick to

Would you’d like to have money left over at the end of the month? Instead of being in the red, certain tricks will help you stay on course and still be able to do the things you love. Before you can spend your money, you need to make an annual budget. This will show you what money is left over for you to spend. You can add up your yearly bills to include your housing costs, food and transportation. This for most people use up a third of their annual salary. What is left is yours to do with as you please.

Use Cash Instead of Credit Cards

Take the amount of money that you can afford to spend on groceries, petrol and small treats out of your bank account and put the cash in your wallet. Make sure that you put your credit card away somewhere at home. If you do not have it with you then you will not be able to be tempted to spend money that will blow your budget. Once the cash notes have gone from your wallet you have run out of money to spend. By taking more, you know that you will be short the week after and this should help you resist the temptation to dip into it.

Top tip for sticking to your budget : Go shopping  without your  credit card -Personalloansnow

Write Down Everything You Spend or Use an App

Take note of everything you purchase from a seemingly insignificant pack of chewing gum or a Starbucks coffee to taxi rides. In this way you will be able to see exactly where your money is disappearing to and avoid small loans to help you get to payday. Moreover, it will highlight some things that you really don’t need to spend money on. Once these things are listed you will be able to decide whether you really need them and will think about it before you spend any of your allowance on them.

So what have we learned so far?

  • You can avoid needing bad credit personal loans at the end of the month by learning the importance of sticking to your budget.
  • Make a realistic annual budget so that you can see what you have to spend.
  • Take out your weekly budget in cash and make it last.
  • Leave credit cards at home and rely on the cash.
  • Use an app or write down everything that you spend money on
  • You will be surprised to see how little things add up and may think before buying in the future.

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Psychology and Spending Habits

Research shows that when we are in a bad mood, we can overspend and blow our budget. A bad mood can make us hanker after the endorphins that our body releases to lift our mood associated with spending money. Making the decision to spend money makes us feel in control when things are not going our way. Another way to stop overspending and save money when shopping is to make a shopping list. This will help you to become rational and honest about the groceries you need as opposed to those you’d like.

Use Your Happy Money Spending Memories to Keep You on Track

Use past happy experiences that cost you money as an incentive to make you save and experience many more. Jacket, or dinner with a loved one? The thought of a delicious meal with waiter service that you could enjoy once again. As opposed to buying a jacket when you already have a good enough one will help you stay strong. Make a list of goals and know that the only way that you can hope to achieve them is by not wasting your money on things that you enjoy spending on. You are normal, spending makes us feel great, but how much greater are the things that you really want to do?

It's not your salary that makes you rich,  it's your spending habits. -Personalloansnow

Treat Yourself for Sticking to Your Budget

Sticking to your budget isn’t always so easy. But, you can look into free things to do in your area and you’ll be amazed at the number of free events going on that you were not aware of where you can have a fantastic day without spending a fortune. You can still see a great film without blowing your budget by watching it at home with your friends and asking them to bring a plate of nibbles. You can still go out and have a meal. Just choose a restaurant that has a good voucher code discount so you can pocket the savings.

So What Can We Conclude about Sticking to Your Budget When You don’t Want to?

By reminding yourself of why you are sacrificing some things in order to make your money go further you will find the willpower to resist the urge to spend money where it is not necessary. Avoiding the use of credit cards will make you more aware of what you have to spend. Once your wallet is empty, that’s it.

It is important to see where money is being wasted. Do this by keeping a note and analysing the list to see where your money goes and thinking before frittering it away. Constantly reminding yourself of your goals and the great feeling of achieving them by reliving great holiday experiences and other good times will give you the incentive to keep on track.

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