How can I have a successful Christmas on a budget?

  1. Set yourself a budget
  2. Shop savvy – compare online for the lowest prices
  3. Make magical memories without overspending
  4. Get crafty with homemade decor
  5. Buy combined gifts

How to have a brilliant Christmas on a Budget - Personal Loans Now

5 Great Ways to Budget this Christmas

Are you being lured in by the adverts depicting the most luxurious Christmas spread with smiling children standing in awe of the £400 gift that Santa rustled up this year? The pressure is growing, but is your bank account prepared for this? Since many are under pressure to spend more than they can afford, Personal Loans Now, a premium personal loans direct lender and exclusive broker have put together some great ideas on how to have a brilliant Christmas on a budget.

  1. Draw up a budget
  2. This may seem pretty obvious, but the best way to make sure that you succeed with your Christmas budget is to make sure that you have a budget in the first place. Make some lists of how you want to spend your money. This list shouldn’t just be of the gifts you want to buy, but also cards, food, days out and more. Then look at how much money you have and assign it accordingly. Don’t do it the other way round.

    The best way to succeed with your Christmas budget is to have one in  place - Personalloansnnow

  3. Shop savvy
  4. The first rule when it comes to Shopping for Christmas on a budget is: don’t use credit cards. Bargains are not bargains once you add on the New Year interest that will hit hard. Many debit cards offer cashback, making them invaluable. Also when you do your shopping online, consider paying using PayPal for protection.

    Once you have decided what to buy based on your budget than compare online for the lowest prices. By looking at different sites, you are likely to find that all sorts of Christmas gifts, including the most popular games like Lego sets, vary significantly in price from one retailer to another.

    That deal that you can get might look tempting with 50% discounted, but if it’s still 50% more than the money you have available to spend, then it’s out of your budget. In this way you can avoid taking a short term loan online to pay for the Christmas expenses.

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  5. Make magical memories not debt
  6. Somewhere amongst the ease of online shopping, and our TV screens being flooded with images of the perfect Christmas, we forget that once the 12th of January comes, all that remains are the memories. Your children will remember the joy of sitting on their dad’s shoulders watching the town lights be switched on for free, or sprinkling glitter and oats as ‘reindeer food’ on the lawn, more than a heap of gifts that overwhelms them. Get crafty, get baking, and do things differently. Collect holly in the woods, go to the local Crib Service or Christingle, and make family traditions that value time and not money.

  7. Be crafty when decking the halls
  8. Decorations don’t have to cost a fortune. The pound shop is a great friend here. Homemade decor can add a fabulous retro glow, too, and little kids will have a great time contributing to the tree or a bit of wall space.

    The same applies to the Christmas cards and wrapping gifts. Family and friends are often very touched with some homemade sparkle. So put together some crafty supplies or get handy with the potato printing. Some festive craft sessions are a fantastic way to build up excitement for the big day.

  9. Buy a combined gift
  10. A great way to save money is by giving a slightly more expensive present to two or more people instead of purchasing individual gifts for every friend and family member.

    Here are some useful ideas:

    • kids – board games, video games, play sets
    • couples – weekend getaway, an experience, new T.V.
    • parents – tickets to a show, framed family photo

Conclusion – Christmas on a budget

You can have a brilliant Christmas without spending a fortune. There are so many ways to make this day a resounding success without burning a whole in your wallet. Whether it is getting crafty with some homemade decor or shopping online for the cheapest prices you can make those magical memories. Happy Christmas preparations!

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