Mother’s Day is fast approaching! Most people are frantically looking for the best present for their Mum. Personal Loans Now explores 5 great ways to spoil your Mum without burning a hole in your pocket.

Personal Loans Now - Spoil Your Mum This Mothers Day

Learning Highlights
  • Is Mother’s day more significant than Valentine’s?
  • Free things to do
  • Cultural days out

  • Buying inexpensive flowers
  • Cooking for your mum
  • Mother’s day discounts

How much do we spend on Mother’s Day?

Research has revealed that men are more worried about impressing the most important woman in their lives and spend on average 68% more on their mothers than they do on their partners for Valentine’s day. Supermarkets predict that they will sell twice as many bunches of flowers and 60% more cards. If you are worried about how you can afford to let your mother know you love her and think that you may have to get a flexible loan to pay for a gift, think again. Spending your time and attention will be worth more than to spoil your mum with any expensive gift that you could hope to buy her.

Take Your Mum Out for the Day

The UK is an amazingly beautiful country filled with parks, lakes, rivers and other local beauty spots. Take your mother for a walk to her favourite place. If she loves flowers take her to see the spring flower beds in your local park and take a flask of tea. You can enjoy a walk out in the fresh air and spend your time focusing on her and catching up on all her news. Every mother wants more time with her children as it is sometimes hard to find quality time in our busy lives when we all have other important family and work commitments.

Personal Loans Now - Spoil Your Mum This Mothers Day

Free Cultural Events on Mother’s Day

You will have to check the internet to see which cultural events are free on mother’s day in your local area. Those who live in big cities will find a host of galleries and museums to explore and enjoy a free day without having to spend money on entrance fees. Download a walking tour on your smartphone so that as you stroll around the city centre, you can read some interesting facts about the streets and buildings to your mum. Be a tourist in your city; there are probably many exciting places in your local area that you have never bothered to take the time to visit that your mum would love to enjoy with you.

What have we learned so far?

  • Men usually spend more on their mothers than they do on their Valentine.
  • Supermarkets sell twice as many flowers, cards and other novelty gifts on Mothering Sunday than Valentine’s
  • Your time and attention is worth more than an expensive gift.
  • Walk in a local beauty spot with your mother and focus the conversation on her.
  • There are many galleries and museums around the country to visit on Mother’s day.
  • Download a free city walking tour on your smartphone and read it to your mother.

Personal Loans Now - Spoil Your Mum This Mothers Day

Spoil your Mum with Inexpensive Flowers

Most people love flowers and plants and take great pride in their garden or transform any outside space that they have to improve the look of their home. You could surprise and spoil your mum on Mother’s day by helping her in the garden. You can also buy her some inexpensive spring flower seeds that you can plant together. She won’t have an immediate armful of blooms, but come the summer she will have a whole season of planted flowers to enjoy. If your mum likes to cook and uses fresh herbs, then you could plant her a kitchen garden for the kitchen windowsill or in a small patch in the garden.

Make a Special Menu for Dinner

Think about ways to surprise and spoil your mum by cooking her a meal at home. You know her favourite foods, so buy the ingredients to prepare a meal that she will adore. Make sure that you don’t let her do a thing by settling her down in her spot with a nice drink of whatever she fancies. Make the meal special by going to the extra effort of making a starter, a main course and a desert. YouTube has cooking demonstrations that you can watch and learn from. This is for people who are afraid that you cannot cook something complicated.

Personal Loans Now - Spoil Your Mum This Mothers Day

Mother’s Day Discounts

Many restaurants and theme parks offer discounts on mother’s day. It is a way for them to drum up extra business. Often you will see free entrance offers for mothers when another adult is paying the full entrance fee. Restaurants are the same. Last year the Harvester was offering a free carvery after 6 pm for a mother when another adult meal was purchased. Other restaurants offer free deserts or glasses of prosecco or even a discount off the price of the bill. Check the internet for offers near you around Mother’s Day.


Your mother would not want you to take a personal loan for bad credit on her behalf to buy her an expensive present. Your gift of time to spend with her will be far more valuable to her than any shop bought present. Let her know she is special by enjoying the day in a local beauty spot. You can visit a museum or sharing a cultural event together will be all she could want. You can also spoil your mum by giving her a day out of the kitchen. Cook a meal or taking advantage of a restaurant discount. This will have the same effect without all the expense.

Personal Loans Now - Spoil Your Mum This Mothers Day