Do you know the secret tricks to finding the best hotel deals? Read on with Personal Loans Now to find some great ways to save you time, money, and stress…

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Learning Highlights
  • Tricks to finding the best hotel deals
  • How seasons can affect hotel prices
  • How booking with hotels directly can save money
  • The usefulness of comparison sites if used correctly
  • Conclusion

How to Find the Best Hotel Deals

Hotel prices fluctuate according to a number of different factors. This includes demands and seasonal changes. Even if you have found a great deal in the past, it doesn’t guarantee that you will find the same again in the future. However, Personal Loans Now, a personal loans lender in the UK, provides some simple tricks which will help you find the best deals possible:

  1. Avoid Peak Seasons
  2. Every destination will have its own peak tourist seasons. Travelling during these times often comes with expensive hotel prices. Hotel prices will always fluctuate according to the demand of guests. If you are flexible with your travel dates, you can consider travelling during the shoulder season; these are the months prior to and just following peak seasons. During shoulder seasons you will still get good weather and the number of people on holiday has diminished.

  3. Time your Booking Carefully
  4. If you book too early you may not be able to get the cheap hotel offers – when the hotel prices go down to fill up the rooms. On the other hand, don’t book too late. You don’t want to be left without a hotel room. Make the reason for your visit as your guide. If you’re visiting a city for a great event, whether it’s for a seasonal celebration or for a concert, if you book early you can rest assured that all the hotel rooms haven’t been taken. But, if you’re making a booking during a shoulder season, where there are no major events, you could leave making your booking until just a week or two before travelling. You will get a hotel room and enjoy a big reduction.

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  5. Check Comparison Sites
  6. As with many money deals, looking on comparison sites can save money on your honeymoon and other trips., and are just some of the trustworthy comparison sites that are best known. They often show discounts, and you may find some of these comparison websites will have short-term sales. You can check if your destination has any good deals available during the weeks leading up to your trip.

  7. Check with the Hotel Directly
  8. Price comparison sites are really good for compiling many different hotel deals. However, sometimes it can also be worth contacting the hotel directly. Hotels have to pay a fee to appear on these comparison sites. This could bump up the prices up a bit to cover the cost. Therefore, hotels may have cheaper prices if you contact them directly.

    If you are just planning a short stay, saving a few pounds per night, won’t be much of a discount. But if you are planning a long holiday you could gain from a little haggling. Contacting the hotel via phone or email could be the best way to do this. If you are confident and friendly, it may be worth a try.

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  9. Step Out of the Mainstream
  10. There are sites like Airbnb which have risen in popularity. This is because they offer travellers the option of staying in someone’s home, right in the center of their destination, instead of staying in a tourist-centric hotel. Additionally, you can benefit from being in a central location without paying to stay in an expensive central hotel.

    To get the best deal available, take into account both the price and the customer reviews on the property. Also, carefully check the pictures, and feel free to get in contact with the owner to find out more details concerning your stay. After your first successful trip you might never want to stay in a hotel again!

What Can I Conclude about Finding the Best Hotel Deals?

Great hotel deals are available for all types of destinations, from low-price UK getaways to a luxury international travel. But, you will have to invest a bit of effort to reap the financial rewards of cheap travel and hotel stays throughout your trip. Personal Loans Now offer 5 secret tricks for finding the best hotel deals which can help you avoid requiring a quick loan online to cover the expenses of your trip.

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