Eating out at a restaurant is normally expensive, but does it have to be? Learn some great tips on how to spend less money at restaurants in this article with Personal Loans Now.

Learning Highlights
  • Spend less money at restaurants
  • Understanding restaurant menu cards
  • Why’s there no pound sign on the menu?
  • Skipping the specials
  • Favourable dish sizes
  • Value for money at restaurants

spend less money at restaurants - personal loans now

Spend Less Money at Restaurants

Restaurants are extremely good at manipulating people like us into paying more money than we wanted or intended to spend. Menu prices have risen all around the country. This is because of the price rise of raw materials as a result of Brexit’s weaker pound. Here are some tips on how to spend less money at restaurants than what you intended when eating out:

Restaurants often use language on their menu which makes their dishes entice us. Phrases like ‘hand-selected’ and ‘slow-cooked’ are bound to get your taste buds excited and for no other reason than to attract more clients to the most expensive dishes. Concentrate on the dish, disregarding the flamboyant language.

  1. Why is there No Pound sign on the Menu Cards?

    Having a pound symbol plastered on a menu is bad for business. Why? It reminds you that you’re spending cash. Whenever you realise you will be spending your hard earned money, you will subconsciously make your choice based on the price of each dish.

  2. spend less money at restaurants - personal loans now

  3. Skip The Specials

    Special dishes are referred to as ‘special’ for one reason: to catch the eye of the customer. Perhaps you have noticed the special board or place on the menu captures your attention with its elaborate and colourful font? What is special according to the restaurant, are the dishes that are overpriced.

  4. What are the Most Favourable Dish Sizes?

    Nowadays, many dishes can be purchased in two sizes: full and half. Many times, the half-sized dish will be more expensive in relation to its size, to make the full portion look like a better deal. Without knowing how big the full portion is, the consumer will go on and purchase it no matter because, for him, they are getting the very best value for money, right? Wrong. The overpriced half portion is on the menu so that you can compare it from the full portion and you guessed it… order the larger portion.

    In case you’re searching for a dish that provides the best value for money, then look no further than the bottom left-hand corner of the menu. With careful analysis, restaurants have identified the reading pattern of customers. The ‘expensive’ dishes are located at the top right hand since that is where we tend to look first. The bottom left corner can be overlooked, so we miss out – on purpose.

  5. spend less money at restaurants - personal loans now

  6. Why Do Restaurants Have Bogus buffets?

    Have you ever noticed that buffets usually start off with bread and salads? There is a legitimate reason for this. While you fill up your plate with the cheap cuisine, by the time you get to the significant stuff (i.e. meat), your plate will probably be full. So if you don’t go back for seconds, you are going to be paying for more than you have eaten.

Conclusion- Spend Less Money at Restaurants

Eating out does not need to cost a small fortune. Knowing the tips used on a menu can cost you almost as little as eating at home. Whether you eat out for a treat now and again or often go to a restaurant, these basic tricks can help you save up to half of what you would usually spend per trip. If you regularly eat out at restaurants, these tips can help you avoid having to take out a short term loan with Personal Loans Now to pay for these expenses.

spend less money at restaurants - personal loans now