Housing prices are continually rising in the UK causing many people to extend their homes to accommodate their growing families or living requirements. Read on with Personal Loans Now to discover some of the best tips for extending your home successfully.

Extending your home - Personal Loans Now

Learning Highlights
  • The benefits of extending your home
  • Tips for extending successfully
  • The importance of managing the extension properly
  • Conclusion

Extending Your Home Successfully

With house prices constantly rising many people choose to extend their homes to accommodate their growing families or living requirements. Extending your home can add more living space, additional bedrooms, an en-suite or a larger bathroom. However, the price of extending can easily get out of hand. Therefore it is essential to plan your project effectively. Therefore it’s crucial to plan efficiently and keep in control of the job. This will ensure it is completed on time and that you spend within your means. If done correctly, extending your house can prove to be a worthwhile investment. It will increase the value of your home and surpass the money that you’ve spent.

Below are some excellent tips to help you manage and plan your home improvement successfully.

  1. Plan Your Extension Efficiently
  2. What do you want from your extension? Make sure to make a list of all your essential requirements, whether it is another bedroom, a larger kitchen or an extra toilet.

    Extending your home - Personal Loans Now

  3. Set a Budget
  4. You have to really think about what you can afford to spend and cut your cloth to match. It’s very easy to get carried away and spend way beyond your budget. You can easily end up spending a lot more than you originally intended and end up taking a home improvement loan or end up with an extension that doesn’t fit your specific requirements.

  5. Keep Focused on the Extension
  6. Do not get sidetracked by exciting possibilities, remember what you really want to achieve with this extension and stay focused.

  7. Get Professional Assistance

  8. Do you require expert advice from an architect or structural engineer? The Architects Registration Board includes a searchable database of 34,000 professionals across the country. The Royal Institute of British Architects also offers a “locate an architect” service. You might also want to try out istructe.org to find a structural engineer.

    Extending your home - Personal Loans Now

  9. Assess Your Planning Permission

  10. While the regulations and rules are more lenient lately, and often-small extensions do not require planning permission, it’s crucial to make sure your plans are compliant. Your extension shouldn’t exceed 50 percent of their initial land belonging to the home or extend over three metres past the back of the original house. Additionally, there are rules concerning the maximum height and the materials that you use for the extension. You should check the government’s Planning Portal site prior to starting your project. If your property is leasehold instead of freehold, your lease may also have limits on what you can do with the house.

  11. Choose Your Builder Sensibly.

  12. If you are not doing the building yourself choosing the right builder is the most important factor. Ask family and friends for recommendations, always ask for and check their references. Ask a few builders for quotes on the job to compare prices. Don’t be afraid to negotiate with the contractor of your choice. Use competitive quotes to get the best deal for your extension.

  13. Manage the Project

  14. If you leave the contractors to their own devices, jobs can easily go over schedule and you will end up going over your budget. By keeping tabs on the progress, buying and fittings, it is possible to guarantee you can be sure as far as possible, the extension will be time, on budget and to specification.

    Extending your home - Personal Loans Now

  15. Deal with the Buying

  16. Many builders will want to buy the material themselves might want to deal make the purchases yourself, you can be sure that you’re receiving the very best price and save a few pounds in the process.

  17. Never Pay Upfront

  18. By paying your construction team or builder up front, you don’t have any come back to make sure that you’re satisfied with the quality and finish of the job. Always retain a percentage of the money to pay upon the completion of the job and the signing. In this way, it’s in the builder’s interest to make sure you’re pleased with the construction work that they’ve carried out. This can also help you to spread the cost of the project.

Conclusions – Extending Your Home

Extending your home to create more space for your growing family or for lifestyle requirements can prove to be a great investment. However, if extending your home isn’t done with careful planning and project management you could end up spending beyond your means or extending without it meeting your requirements. Therefore Personal Loans Now have put together 9 excellent tips to help you manage the expenses of extending your home successfully.

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