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car finance personal loans - personal loans now

Find out what your options are, and which car finance personal loan will suit you best.

Car Finance Loans UK

Using car finance personal loans to buy a car is probably going to be the cheapest way to get your new vehicle. Unless you can afford to pay the full price outright. So, let’s look at some important facts about buying a car as well as the benefits and drawbacks of borrowing to make this most important purchase.

Car Finance

The question then arises of whether now is a good time to buy a new car and which is the best way of financing the deal. Of course, if you can pay for a new car outright you will not need to borrow but if you have little or no savings or bad credit, car finance or small high acceptance personal loans might be the way forward.

Car finance personal loans - personal loans now

Cheap Car Finance Helps Sales Soar

In spite of the looming threat of Brexit, the UK car companies are doing well. In January 2017, it was reported that UK car sales during 2016 were at a record high and some of this was due to the very low interest finance car deals that were and which currently are being offered throughout the country. Although predictions for sales in 2017 are lower, sales are still expected to be an an historically high level with many of the expected growth coming from the fleet buyer market.

Sales Statistics

  • 8.2 million used cars change hands in 2016 – a 7.3% uplift on the previous year.
  • Q4 demand surpasses 1.8 million – up 5.5% and the biggest final quarter on record.
  • Superminis still UK’s most popular body type, but SUVs enjoy biggest growth, with demand rising 16.9%.
  • Growth registered across all fuel types, with alternatively fuelled vehicles leading, up 32.5%.

Source – SMMT 15 February 2017.

Do you need a personal loan to buy a car?

For full ownership of your car, apply today.


Do you need a personal car loan?

If you can’t afford to pay outright for a car, you have two main options: you can borrow the money you need, or you can just not get a car. If you can manage with a bike or a bus pass, you’d do better to go with that until you have saved up enough to buy the car outright. However, if you really need the car, then look into your options carefully. Remember, if you’re buying on credit, try not to go for the fanciest and most expensive model.

Personal Loan for Car

Personal loans can be the cheapest way to finance a car deal. Of course, the deal you get does depend on your credit rating. Personal Loans Now will try to help those with bad credit find bad credit car finance personal loans too, but they will tend to be a tad more expensive. In 2016, 2.69 million new cars were sold and many of these were paid for using low interest rate personal loans.

car finance personal loans - personal loans now

Secured or unsecured?

Choosing between an unsecured and secured personal loan is one of the most vital things to take into consideration. A secured loan is usually cheaper, often by quite a bit. However, you do not want to put your home at risk if, due to an unexpected event, there could be a problem making repayments sometime in the future. An unpaid unsecured loan does not give the lender any rights to your property so there is no risk of losing your home just to buy a car. Whereas, with a secured personal loans UK, there is always a small risk of the bank repossessing your home if you repeatedly fail to pay loan repayments.

How Much Can I Borrow to Buy a Car?

This depends on several factors including your employment status and income, credit history, and other credit commitments. At Personal Loans Now, you can apply for a car loan of £500 up to £25,000*, even if you have bad credit.It is important not to borrow more than you can afford to repay, so don’t go for the most expensive model just because you can borrow enough for it.

Are Car Finances Legitimate?

Although many people will frown on the idea of borrowing to buy a car, you may find that a car is a necessity for your lifestyle. However, don’t just sign on with any lender who offers you a loan. Check that they are a legal, authorised lender who will keep your sensitive details safe and not hit you with charges that were ‘clearly pointed out’ in the small print. Personal Loans Now is an Introducer to Quint Group Limited, an FCA-authorised credit broker. So, you can be sure that you are in good hands when you apply with us.

Car Finance Deals

Looking For The Best Deal For Car Finance

A personal loan from a bank or building society will probably give you the best interest rate. However, it is a good idea to shop around and see what car finance deals are on offer from other financial organisations.

Car finance loans - Personal Loans Now

So, an important point to think about when borrowing is to shop around for the best deal. More importantly to make sure that it is one you can comfortably afford. Look for the lowest possible interest personal loan interest rates by comparing APRs. The Annual Percentage rates quoted by all car finance lenders will include all the interest payable and any other charges associated with the loan e.g. an arrangement fee or a broker’s fee. Remember, the price you are quoted in a low interest pre-approved personal loan is not necessarily the one you will get after applying.

Compare the UK loan market looking at the interest rate, the monthly repayment figure and the total cost of the loan. At this stage it is also wise to calculate exactly how much you can afford to pay each month and you can do this by adding up all of your monthly income and outgoings and seeing what is left. Take advantage of using a car finance calculator which will be available on money websites and car dealer websites. There are some lenders which specialise in new car finance and others which make selling used cars on finance their own forte.

car finance personal loans - personal loans now

Cooling Off Period On Car Finance Agreements

Remember that all personal loans are subject to a 14 day cooling off period. This means that if you decide that this is not the way you want to finance your new car, you can change your mind, cancel the agreement and then you will have 30 days in which to repay the principle sum and any interest that is due. All car finance personal loans will incorporate the cooling off period which kicks in either at the date the loan agreement is signed or when a copy of the contract is received by the applicant.

Auto Loans

A personal loan will have a fixed rate of interest and as long as you have a good credit score you can get a low interest rate. This type of personal loan often offers a flexible term so if you can afford to pay more each month you only need to borrow the money for a shorter period of time. As you have the money for less time with a short term loan, you save on the amount of interest you will pay.

Example – How Car Finance Interest Works

£7,000 at 4.5% over 2 years would mean monthly repayments of £305.53 and total interest payable of £332.83

£7,000 at 4.5% over 5 years would mean lower monthly repayments of £130.50 but the total interest payable would be £830.07.

How Fast Can a Car Finance Be Arranged?

If you’ve spotted a great deal, it’s important to snap it up before someone else does! The last thing you want is to have to wait days for a loan decision, and then another few days for the money to finally come through. That’s why, at Personal Loans Now, a lender can give you a loan decision on the spot. If you are approved and accept the loan offer, the money will be on its way to your bank account on that same day, enabling you to become the proud owner of your new car.

Benefits Of Personal Loans For Buying A Car

One of the benefits of buying a car on finance is the simplicity of the application. There is no need to make an appointment at the bank or building society. You can arrange a loan with a car finance company or other kind of lender using the telephone or the Internet. However, if you want to deal face to face with your chosen lender this is possible if they have a local branch.

A personal loan with best personal loan rates can be taken out for part of the cost of the vehicle or you can use a loan to finance the whole amount. So, there is no need to put down a deposit to secure the car you really want.

Using a personal loan to buy a new or used car means that the car is yours from the outset. There is no question of the lender repossessing the car if you get into financial difficulties.

Car Finance Loans FAQs

What will work out cheaper for me, a car finance loan or a bank loan?

There are a few differences between a car finance loan and a bank loan UK. Getting a car finance loan could be a lot smoother process than applying with a bank for a loan. When you apply for a car finance loan you can apply for the loan online. There is no need to make an appointment at the bank or building society. If you get a secured car finance loan with a bank there is the risk of the bank repossessing your house if you fail to make repayments. On the other hand a secured car finance loan will usually work out cheaper than an unsecured finance loan from a direct lender. Before making your choice about whether to go for a car finance loan from a lender or a secured bank loan, shop around to see what car finance deals are on offer.

Where can I find the best car loan deals?

Some of the quickest and best car loan deals can be found right here, at Personal Loans Now! We are an introducer offering access to some of the best car loan deals in the UK. When looking to buy yourself a new car, you deserve to get the best car loan deals with instant decision as you want that car in your driveway quick. To make your search successful and to get yourself a good credit car loan deal, it is a good idea to brush up your credit rating. Those customers with a high credit score will be eligible for the best car loan deals in the UK.

Where can I get cheap car loan rates?

The staff at Personal Loans Now will not rest until you have found the cheapest car loan with the best rates available for you from the lender panel. You will be able to get cheap car loan rates from direct lenders in the UK when you have a good credit rating. Getting a personal loan can be the best way to get cheap car loan rates in the UK.

Are bad credit car loans available?

You can get car finance for bad credit the UK. Apply today and Personal Loans Now will try and get you the best offer available, although bad credit car loans do tend to be a little more expensive than a car loan with good credit score. It may be a good idea to try and repair you credit score before applying for a car loan. In this way you will have a better chance at getting a bad credit car finance loan with a lower interest rate.

Drawbacks Of Using A Personal Loan To Buy A Car

There are a few drawbacks about using a personal loan to buy a car. Firstly, the money may not come through in time for you to take advantage of a bargain you have spotted.

car finance personal loans - personal loans now

However, as long as there are no eligibility problems, most funds can be in your account within a day. If there is any hold up, you could consider applying to the car finance company associated with the dealership that is selling the vehicle.

It is possible that using a same day flexible personal loan may cost you more. This is especially true if the car dealer is offering cheap car finance at a lower rate of interest. This marketing ploy is often used when dealers want to move stock quickly. Whilst this may look like a good offer, be sure to confirm that the low rate being offered is the APR and not a flat monthly rate. A flat 2% monthly rate of interest will sound very low as will a flat yearly rate of interest. However, a 6% annual flat rate is equivalent to 12% APR.

It’s also important to ensure that all relevant charges regarding car finance personal loans associated with the contract are included in the rate on offer. The only other drawback about taking out a personal loan is that it could possibly have some detrimental effect if you are planning to get a mortgage in the near future. The amount of debt you have will show up on your credit record. This may affect your credit rating.

Pros and Cons of a Personal Loan to Finance your Car

Pros Cons
It can be arranged over the phone, internet, or face-to-face The funds may take time to come through
You can choose to cover whole or part of the cost of the car Future borrowing might be affected
Competitive fixed interest rates

– source The Money Advice Centre

Best Time To Buy Cars On Finance In The UK

Cheap car finance deals are often offered at specific times of the year. Usually, the best months to buy a car in the UK are towards late February and late August. This is because the new registration numbers come in on 1st March and 1st September. Dealers are always anxious to unload stock which will have lower value number plates. So, they offer good deals at these times.

March and September are the months that see the best cars sales figures in the UK.

If you are thinking about buying a soft top convertible then winter months are a good time to look when there are cheap cars on finance. Similarly, 4X4s are often most desirable during the winter. So, late spring is a good time to look for one of these vehicles. Additionally, car showrooms are often busy at the weekends but quieter during the working week. Sales staff will be looking to do deals to make up their figures. So, you can get a better bargaining position by visiting during the week. A better bargain means you will need lower car finance personal loans than if you buy a more expensive car model.

If you are looking for a specific new model it is a good idea to wait for a few months after the launch and you may get a better deal to finance your new car.

Personal loans now and car finance personal loans

What Are the Alternative Options for Car Finance?

Car Leasing

A dealer may well give you the choice of financing the purchase of a new car without using a personal loan. One option that is popular is car leasing. Under this scheme the dealer will offer you a deal that may well appear attractive with lower monthly payments. However, with car leasing you never own the car. The contract runs for a specific period of time. This is usually between 1 and 3 years. There are restrictions on the amount of mileage that can be used. If you go above these restrictions there are financial penalties to pay.

Pros and Cons of Personal Car Leasing
Pros Cons
Motoring at a fixed monthly cost Monthly costs are higher because servicing and maintenance are included
No worries about the car depreciating in value Deposit is necessary (usually 3 months rental)
Flexible payment terms (from 12 to 36 months) Possible extra costs if you exceed the mileage limit
The car is never yours

– source The Money Advice Centre

Car Dealer Finance

You might also be offered dealer car finance. This is a form of hire purchase. Failure to make full repayments each month would result in the finance company making an order for repossession.

Pros and Cons Of Hire Purchase
Pros Cons
Quick and easy to arrange You don’t own the car until the final payment
Low deposit (usually 10%) Tends to be more expensive for short-term agreements
Flexible repayment terms (from 12 to 60 months)
Competitive fixed interest rates

– source The Money Advice Centre

The same rules apply to online personal logbook loans. Logbook loans are a type of secured loan where you give your car as security in case of default. You must lodge the logbook with the lender until the loan is fully paid up. This kind of loan is normally restricted to 50% of the value of the car. So, you must pay the rest of the vehicle cost. There are more details about this kind of loan in the article from the above link.

car finance personal loans - personal loans now

Personal Contract Purchase

One final option, as an alternative to car finance personal loans, is to use a PCP (Personal Contract Purchase). This applies to new and used vehicles. It is a contract whereby you pay a lower monthly amount for a specified period of time e.g. 3 years. If you choose to pay a deposit the monthly payments will be even lower. At the end of the term you either pay the remainder of the cost of the vehicle or just hand it back to the dealer. This kind of contract also has specific mileage limits.

Pros and Cons Of A PCP
Pros Cons
Lower monthly payments Mileage and condition of car affects the costs
Low deposit (usually 10%) Total amount paid might be more than with hire purchase
Flexible repayment terms (from 12 to 36 months) Have to pay the outstanding balance to keep the car
A choice of what to do at end of repayment term

– source The Money Advice Centre

As you can see, there are many different options when it comes to purchasing a new car. Car finance personal loans is one that should be considered. As long as you are aware of the details of the agreement and are confident you can afford to make all the repayments, taking out car finance personal loans is often the best way forward.

If you want to buy a car but lack the funds, there are many different options. You can take out a secured or unsecured loan to cover all or part of the car. Or, you can just pay a lease on the car, but then it never belongs to you. A PCP is a sort of halfway option. Here, you pay less and then get to choose whether to keep the car or not.

Car Finance Loans from Personal Loans Now

At Personal Loans Now, we provide access to Monevo’s huge panel of FCA-authorised direct lenders, who can offer car finance personal loans of anywhere between £500 and £25,000*. Whether you want to cover the entire cost of the car or just a part of it, whether you need a bad credit or a self employed personal loan, we’ll do our best to help. You will receive an instant decision and if you’re approved, you will have the funds sent to your account today, enabling you to buy your very own car without any delays.

car finance personal loans - personal loans now