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Looking to get your hands on a new car but can’t afford it outright? If you need a new vehicle to get you from A to B, you want to take advantage of the best car loans. Cheap car loans open up the automotive market to you without putting strain on your pocket. At Personal Loans Now, we can help you find online car loans for amounts between £2,000 and £25,000. As a leading broker, we provide you access to 40+ direct lenders on the market, so you can be sure you’re always getting the best rates.

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Get Car Loans in the UK With Personal Loans Now

There’s nothing quite as nerve-wracking as waiting to find out if your finance application on a brand-new car is approved. At Personal Loans Now, we take away the stress and anxiety of waiting for that all-important decision. Once you complete our straightforward application, we’ll immediately give you a personalised list of loan offers that you’ve already been pre-approved for! Personal Loans Now’s comprehensive network of lenders gives you access to the best rates on the UK market with high acceptance rates. All of our lenders are committed to your financial safety, so the lender you choose to have us send your application to will conduct full credit and affordability checks. This is to ensure that the low interest car loans they provide are financially safe and secure for you and suit your budget.

Drive Away In Your Dream Car With A Car Loan

Drive Away in Your Dream Car With the Cheapest Car Loans in the UK

We understand that everyone has their own reason for buying a new or used car. For that reason, we don’t ask any awkward questions throughout your application. You could drive away in your dream car sooner than you think. With a simple application process and an instant decision, you aren’t left in the dark.


With many cheap car loans in the UK available, you could secure the loan against your vehicle in different ways. Finance a new car, or take out loans on a logbook, we’re proud to be flexible. Our fast and safe application ensures that applying for a car loan is as stress-free as possible.

You can even use our Credit on Demand app, offering a quick application on the go. Search for your dream car, then apply for the loan you need right there and then. You can borrow without any paperwork and organise repayments in manageable instalments. Our application isn’t the only thing you can do on the go, either. You can manage what you’ve borrowed from the app too, offering full flexibility and convenience with your car loan.



What Are Cheap Car Loans?

At their core, car loans are an affordable way to get the vehicle you need. Operating similarly to a personal loan, car loans allow you to make the purchase up front. Then, you repay what has been borrowed in manageable instalments, over an agreed loan period. This includes any interest charged as detailed in the credit agreement.

Car loans can be a cheaper alternative to showroom-driven finance. You can pay for the car upfront without having to enter into any agreements with the dealership. The car will be yours – all you have to do is meet the agreed repayments with your lender. We offer car finance through our panel of over 40 lenders with the best rates for your credit profile and high acceptance. We’LL provide you with your personalised loan options so you can see and compare rates with ease to find the best one for you.


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How Much Can I Borrow?

How much you can borrow will depend on the lender you choose, the car you’ve chosen, and your current financial situation. Borrowers that have a poor credit history can generally borrow up to £7,500 without a security or guarantor. A higher credit score will likely get you better deals and higher loan amounts.

All the lenders on our panel are FCA regulated, and will only accept applications for loans that you can feasibly afford. They will consider the results of their affordability checks and your current financial situation to decide if you can afford the loan you want. We personalise every loan we offer to the borrower in question. This ensures that you are never taking on more than you can afford. We want to ensure you can safely borrow without fear of defaulting.



Personal Loans Now Are On Hand To Help

At Personal Loans Now, we are proud to be a leading UK broker. We ensure that every applicant has their best chance at getting the car loans they need to purchase a new vehicle. We offer one simple application that gives you access to the best loan offers on the market for your situation. You can get personalised rates that are tailored entirely to your financial situation with real-time updates on what lenders are charging. From there, you can choose the loan that suits you. We will only ever send your details to lenders that you give us permission to contact on your behalf.

Online Application Process

Our application process is easy, with one application that provides you access to over 40 lenders. It’s entirely online and can be filled out either right here on our website, or through our Credit on Demand app. Whichever method you choose, you’ll only have to enter your details once. There are no unexpected fees to worry about, and we will search the entire market on your behalf. This means there will be no unnecessary searches on your credit history. We eliminate the pressure of pushy sales pitches from finance companies. We offer you a straight-to-the-point application that gives you the car loan you need without fuss.

Apply now for a car finance personal loans form a responsible lender - Personal Loans Now
Apply now for a car finance personal loans form a responsible lender - Personal Loans Now

High Acceptance Rates for Poor Credit Car Loans

With over 50,000 people helped already, we are always happy to assist you in obtaining the car finance you need. With our high acceptance rates, you can apply for your bad credit car loans with confidence. All of our lenders are FCA authorised,so they will never offer you bad credit car loans that you can’t afford. You can gain access to the funds you need without worrying whether it’s safe to apply or not.

We have a UK-based team on hand at every stage of your application to offer advice and support. From how to apply, information about our network of lenders and anything else you might want to know, we can help ensure you’re ready to submit your application.

We Are A Bad Credit Car Loans Broker

At Personal Loans Now, we are a top UK broker. We will provide you with a personalised list of direct lenders with high approval rates and show whose most likely to accept your car loans application and provide you with the best rates. Within just three minutes, we can provide you with a comparison table. You can apply for the car loan of your choice with the knowledge that you are getting the best possible deal available.

We utilise a premium brokerage platform to compare over 40 different lenders from across the UK. All of whom use responsible lending practices and work within the FCA’s lending guidelines. We take safety and security seriously here at Personal Loans Now. We will always work to provide you with only the best deals and the fastest experience. A safe, stress-free and reliable lending and brokerage service for your car loans.

All the offers that we show you will be pre-approved. We cannot guarantee your application will be successful. However, we will direct you to lenders who are most likely to accept.


Can I Get Bad Credit Car Loans with No Guarantor?

In short – yes! However, if your credit score is currently poor, you should be aware your options may be more limited. For example, you may only be able to borrow up to £7,500 with bad credit car loans through us. Limits will vary between the lenders in our panel. In addition, you may find that the interest rates on offer to you are higher on car loans if you have bad credit. But they may still be less than traditional motor finance options from a dealership.

Am I Eligible For Car Loans in the UK?

At Personal Loans Now, we are proud to maintain a comprehensive network of responsible, FCA-approved lenders. Each of all lenders operate within careful guidelines to ensure your safety and financial security online. Alongside their credit checks and affordability assessments, most lenders will also require you meet the following criteria:

  • You must be over the age of 18
  • You must be a resident of the UK
  • You must have a valid UK bank account
  • You must have some form of regular income

Within the application, you’ll be asked questions regarding your employment status, address and income details. All of this will be used to determine whether you can feasibly afford the loan you want to borrow. We want to help you, but we take your financial security seriously. Therefore, our lenders will not approve an applicant who would be putting themselves at financial risk if they were to take out a loan.

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Can I Get the Best Car Loans Rates?

We offer real-time rates for all the loans offered by our panel of lenders. Getting the best car loans at the time of application will depend on a few different factors. This includes your credit health, how much you’re looking to borrow and for how long. Those with bad credit may find they won’t be offered the same rates as someone with good or excellent credit. This could still be eligible for fair rates in the industry.

We will do the searching for you, reducing the stress of finding lenders, cutting down the time you’d spend looking for loans. We’ve made it our mission to make lending accessible to everyone — regardless of your credit history, how busy your schedule is or how much you need. We will find the best rates for you without checking your credit history more than once so your credit score isn’t affected.

What Can I Use Car Loans in the UK For?

Car loans are designed for helping consumers buy a new or used car. You can use the money for other purchases or expenses, but we have other finance options that may be more suited to those needs. Home repairs or consolidating your debts is possible, but we have other specialised loans available for this. This is to ensure you get the right terms for your needs.

What Should I Do If I Miss A Repayment On My Car Loan?

If you believe you are going to miss a repayment due to insufficient funds, contact the lender immediately. Lenders are happy to discuss solutions with you in order to protect both you and your loan agreement. You should always make note of any late fees before you apply. In some cases, lenders might not charge you, providing the lender is aware ahead of time that the payment be late.

This will differ from lender to lender, so it’s important to research this yourself so you aren’t left in further financial trouble. If you are experiencing financial trouble, contact Money Advice Service for free debt advice. They can offer support and guidance for getting back on track if you need it.

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