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Most people have, at some point or another, found themselves in need of emergency cash, whether you have a serious problem with your toilet and the plumber is charging a hefty call-out fee, or you’ve had to pay out for an unexpected emergency vet visit. While it would be ideal, not everybody has enough savings to cover every eventuality, but with small cash loans, you could take out enough to cover life’s little surprises. Personal Loans Now could provide you with cash loans online in a matter of minutes, if accepted. 

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What Are Cash Loans?

A cash loan is a type of small personal loan, primarily used by consumers as a way to fund a small, surprise cost that is usually unplanned for. They’re designed to help people who need to borrow small amounts of cash quickly and can be a very useful solution, should you find yourself in the middle of an unexpected expense you don’t have the savings to cover.

Generally speaking, if applicable, this type of unsecured loan can be approved quickly and cash can usually be credited to your account in minutes.

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Find The Best Cash Loans UK

At Personal Loans Now, we endeavor to offer Credit On Demand to as many people in the UK as we can. We operate as a direct lender, authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, and a premium broker. We’ve partnered with Monevo so we can offer you access to over 50 lenders providing cash loans online in the UK. Fill in an application form, including affordability and credit checks and we’ll give you an answer within 90 seconds. If approved, you’ll receive your cash in your bank account on the day you applied.


If we can’t offer you a loan directly, we’ll put that same application through the powerful online platform to try and find you a bigger chance of approval elsewhere. We don’t charge for this service, so you don’t have to pay us, regardless of the outcome of your application.

Cash Loans Bad Credit

There is no guarantee that you’ll be accepted for small cash loans, even if you do have fantastic credit. That said, it is usually more difficult for somebody with bad credit to get a loan in general. We will do our best to find funding that works for you, whether it’s something we can provide or not. In certain circumstances, when searching for cash loans bad credit can be overlooked if you have a guarantor to agree to make payments should you ever default. This person must have a good credit rating, be in a financial position where they are able to make a repayment if they have to and above all, has to understand all their obligations. It’s a big commitment, so it’s important they understand their rights. Before considering a loan, you should look to improve your credit score. Making small changes here and there can have a huge, positive impact on your financial future.

Small Cash Loans From Personal Loans Now

We are regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and we follow all guidelines set by them to ensure we are a responsible lender. The lenders we connect you with through Monevo are also reputable and we’ll only pass your details on to creditors we trust.

Before you apply for a loan, remember that working on your credit score is really important. Only borrow the amount you need to and don’t forget to consider other options. Contact a debt advice charity for more information if you think you’re struggling.

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Can I Get Cash Loans Online?

Most direct lenders offer instant cash loans online in the UK. As with most personal loans, small cash loans often have higher rates of interest, so make sure you only borrow what you need. You need to be sure you can comfortably make the repayments as and when you are contractually obliged to; defaulting on loan payments can cause you serious money problems.

Different lenders offer different loans, on different schedules, with different terms. Cash loans are typically needed fast, so a traditional bank or broker may not be able to provide you with credit as urgently as you need it. Processing times also vary, as do repayment schedules.

Personal Loans Now endeavors to give you an answer within 90 seconds and if you’re approved, you’ll receive same-day funding to reduce waiting times and help you find the solution to financial emergencies, fast. Apply now for your cash loans online!

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