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We like to keep things simple. If you have any questions about the way we work, take a look at the FAQs below, or contact us. Ready to go ahead? Apply now and get a decision within three hours!

Recent FAQs

Q: Can I get an unsecured loan with no guarantor?

Lenders tend to be wary of lending to applicants who don't have a good credit score, so finding a guarantor to co-sign makes obtaining a loan much easier. However, it can be very challenging to find a guarantor, so many people just search for unsecured loans with no guarantor instead. It is indeed possible to obtain unsecured personal loans with no guarantor. At Personal Loans Now, we accept your application no matter what your credit score is, and we will never ask for a guarantor. So, we are the perfect place to find an unsecured loan with no guarantor – and no fees!

Q: Can I get guarantor loans from Personal Loans Now?

Yes, Personal Loans Now can get you loans with and without guarantors. Looking for guarantor loans with low APR? We will send your application to Monevo who can introduce you to lenders providing loans with a guarantor in the UK, including non-homeowner guarantor loans and tenant guarantor loans.

Q: Are bad credit car loans available?

You can get car finance for bad credit the UK. Apply today, and Personal Loans Now will try and get you the best offer available, although bad credit car loans do tend to be a little more expensive than a car loan with good credit score. It may be a great idea to try and repair your credit score before applying for a car loan. In this way, you will have a better chance at getting a bad credit car finance loan with a lower interest rate.

Q: Where is your office based, and what are your opening times?

Our head office is located in Germany at Eislebener Str. 1, D-10789 Berlin. However, our main operations office is in London and is open from Monday to Friday, 9:00 am – 5:30 pm. Feel free to contact our professional customer support team about your application or any other general queries via phone or email. Our office is closed on weekends and public holidays, a list of which can be found here. (https://www.gov.uk/bank-holidays)

Q: Can I get unsecured personal loans for bad credit in the UK?

Unsecured loans are risky for the lender, so they prefer to lend to applicants with a good credit rating. However, many direct lenders specialise in unsecured loans for bad credit, so it is possible to obtain a loan. You may be tempted to opt for an unsecured loan with no credit check, but remember that these loans are illegal in the UK, and it is better to search for bad credit unsecured loans in the UK. We at Personal Loans Now will always do our utmost to ensure you get the right loan for your situation, regardless of your credit score.

Q: How do you get a loan with poor credit?

The easiest way to find loans for bad credit is to safely search online for lenders wha are fully authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority that will offer small loans for bad credit. However many lenders offer bad credit loans with very high interest rates. Personal Loans Now will do our best to find the most suitable lenders who offer loans for bad credit with the best interest rates available. If approved, it is better to only take out small loans for bad credit and always make sure that you can repay as this can actually improve your credit score. Apply now for our same day loans for bad credit.

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We like to keep things simple. If you have any questions about the way we work, take a look at the FAQs below, or contact us. Ready to go ahead? Apply now and get a decision within three hours!

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