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Bad credit
Looking for guaranteed loans for bad credit? In order to offer a loan to anybody, we are required to carry out checks to determine creditworthiness and affordability, as stated in the FCA’s guidelines for responsible lending. This means guaranteed loans for bad credit are against the FCA’s regulations, so if your chosen lender offers this to you without any relevant checks, they aren’t following these rules and therefore are not necessarily a safe option. Here at Personal Loans Now, however, we could offer you the next best thing – Credit on Demand. This type of loan typically has higher rates of acceptance at reasonable and affordable prices. As an FCA authorised direct lender, we could offer you up to £25,000 in fast online credit today.

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Personal Loans Now operates as both a lender and a broker. If you have a poor credit score, you may still be approved, but if, for whatever reason, we can’t fund you the loan ourselves, we may be able to find somebody who can. We’ve partnered with Monevo, a powerful platform of reputable lenders who will consider your application and give you their decision, free of charge.

Guaranteed Loans for Bad Credit

Do Guaranteed Loans for Bad Credit in the UK Exist?

In short, no. A responsible lender cannot legally offer a guaranteed loan as checks must be performed before an application can be considered. People with a poor credit score are usually less likely to be approved for a loan by responsible lenders as they are more likely to fail these checks, which makes it more tempting to apply for finance with a lender who is not necessarily operating within the law. FCA guidelines are there to protect both the creditor and the consumer. Having a poor record may mean somebody is a risk to those lending money, indicating that they may not always make the safest financial decisions and are therefore more likely to get into severe money trouble which can ultimately have a huge effect on a person’s wellbeing. The FCA’s guidelines work to prevent this.

While we can’t offer you a guaranteed bad credit personal loan, as a superior unsecured loans direct lender we can guarantee you a higher approval rate with Credit on Demand. We do, however, recommend that you take steps to improve your credit rating before applying for a loan. Spending affordable amounts on credit cards and paying them off in full, on time, every time is a great way to improve your credit score, and you’ll have a greater chance of gaining an approved loan in the future, should you need it.

Can I Get Guaranteed Loans with No Credit Check?

It is crucial for people looking for guaranteed loans for bad credit to understand that lenders offering any type of loan without a credit check are probably not following the FCA Responsible Lending guidelines. We work hard to ensure that only trusted direct lenders will receive your loan application and because of this, guaranteed loans are not something we can offer any of our applicants. Lenders can never guarantee approval of a loan, especially where there is a problematic credit file. Nevertheless, there are many who claim to be able to provide this type of service, and they should be avoided at all costs – the risk to you is far greater than any risk to them.

Any lender who claims to be able to offer a guaranteed bad credit personal loan is likely not fully authorised or operating legally. As stated above, in order to promise that you’ll be given a loan, credit and affordability checks would need to be bypassed. The temptation of a simple application process and guaranteed funds in your account may be wildly enticing, but we strongly recommend avoiding these services as they go against rules which are in place for your safety.

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How Much Can I Get for Loans With Guaranteed Approval?

At Personal Loans Now, we do not offer guaranteed loans as we are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. We could provide you with Credit on Demand, which greatly increases your chances of getting approved for credit. The amount you can get depends on the lender, but in general, borrowing with a guarantor allows you to borrow higher sums as there is less risk involved for both parties. With us, you can apply for loans starting from £1,000 up to a potential maximum of £25,000.


Guaranteed Loans UK

Are Guaranteed Loans Available with a Guarantor?

A guarantor will take on the responsibility of repaying a loan in any circumstance in which the borrower cannot do so. At PLNOW, we will never ask for a guarantor, but we do offer long term loans and, as long as you pass the relevant referencing requirements, this could be something of use to you.

Can I Get Guaranteed Loans for People on Benefits in the UK?

Guaranteed loans for people on benefits are also unavailable in the UK. If you are on benefits and need a loan today you can apply with Personal Loans Now, and we will do our best to help you, or find a lender who can. The combination of bad credit and receiving benefits is a fairly challenging one when you’re looking for credit, so It is important to make sure that you share all the details about your current financial situation: a lender can only give you a loan suitable for you if you provide accurate information. Personal Loans Now would like to remind you to ensure you can fulfil the obligations required of you when taking out a loan and understand the importance of keeping to this at all times.

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Essential Information about Guaranteed Loans

No Guarantor Loans:

Some lenders specialise in no-guarantor loans for people with bad credit. Generally speaking, a loan without a guarantee or guarantor is regarded as an unsecured loan. The lender will instead perform a thorough affordability assessment and credit check to determine if the loan is suitable for you.

Guaranteed Approval:

Unlike no-guarantor loans, guaranteed approval is not a legal product in the UK. Lenders are not allowed to market guaranteed loans, especially not to people with bad credit or those receiving benefits who will, in many cases, be vulnerable customers. It is legal to guarantee a loan against assets or with a guarantor, but you should be very suspicious of any lenders offering loans with guaranteed approval.

No Credit Check:

No credit check is a no go! Be careful regardless of your position, as these loans are often illegal.

Can I Get A Guaranteed Unsecured Personal Loan in the UK?

You cannot legally apply for guaranteed loans in the UK. A secured loan requires you to sign over ownership of a personal asset (usually a car or house) to the lender should you fail to repay your loan, which usually makes borrowing cheaper. Despite this, many people prefer to find unsecured personal loans, saving them the worry of losing their possessions. It can be harder to find unsecured personal loans for poor credit, however, there are lenders who specialise in this type of loan and should be able to offer you a decent rate. Remember that a guaranteed bad credit personal loan is illegal – if somebody is offering this to you, decline it.

Can I Apply for Guaranteed Loans Online?

When applying for credit online, you must ensure the application process is secured and that the service provider states its contact details, including a REAL UK address and phone number. If the site claims to offer guaranteed loans with no credit check, proceed with caution. No credit check loans are usually offered by illegal and unauthorised lenders.

Applying for Credit on Demand with PLNOW is simple and we don’t charge a fee for the service. We offer safe and fast long-term loans that are FCA authorised and regulated. When you apply with us, you can rest assured that your confidential details and safe and secure.

Looking for guaranteed loans for bad credit?

Get a loan online with guaranteed quality.


Guaranteed Loans from Personal Loans Now

Here at Personal Loans Now, we provide Credit on Demand. As a superior direct lender in the UK, we could provide you with fast online credit up to £25,000 today. If we can’t fund you the money ourselves, we will work with hand-picked lenders to help you get the loan you need quickly. Using Personal Loans Now increases your chances of approval, with a single application being presented to the whole market. You will receive a decision within 90 seconds and if you’re approved, the money will be sent to your bank account the same day. Apply now for Credit on Demand with PLNOW.

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