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Are you a Self-employed worker in the UK looking for a loan? Are you without any proof of income? Despite this, you can still borrow credit from us at Personal Loans Now, as we offer self-employed workers personal loans with higher acceptance rates. We are both a premium direct lender and credit broker, providing you with a higher chance of getting accepted for a loan even if you have no proof of income. Get up to £25,000* transferred to your bank account on the same day you’re approved; Apply now, even with bad credit, for an instant decision and we’ll see what we can do for you.

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Loans for Self-Employed with Poor Credit

When searching for loans if you’re self-employed with bad credit, you’ll find the option is becoming increasingly available to people in the UK. You can apply through us at Personal Loans Now for loans for self-employed with poor credit, as we are FCA authorised and will only provide you with a loan if you can definitely afford it. If you’re approved, you can be confident that you’ll be getting loans for self-employed workers from a unsecured loan direct lender with excellent service; find out more today.

Can I Get Loans if I’m Self-Employed with Bad Credit?

Yes, some firms will offer personal loans for those who are self-employed with poor credit. However, they may charge a higher rate of interest to counter the risk should you encounter difficulty repaying the loan on time. You may also be eligible to get business loans if you’re self-employed with bad credit where you can get rates specific for businesses. These types of loan may be useful for you if you need capital for your business. Please be aware that legitimate loans for self-employed with no credit check do not exist – the FCA obliges firms to carry out a credit check, and all authorised firms will run a credit and affordability check.

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Can I Trust Home Loans for Self Employed People with Bad Credit?

Self-employed loans for bad credit from FCA direct lenders are reliable, and so you should avoid getting a home loan or home improvement loan as someone who is self-employed with poor credit, from an unreliable direct lender. In some cases, this can be dangerous, and it is advised not to trust them with your personal and confidential information. Also, if you can’t make the monthly loan repayments, your possessions could be at risk. This is because untrustworthy lenders may take any measures to ensure they receive their money. Therefore, when searching for the best home loans for self-employed for bad credit, you need to always ensure that you are on a secure website and that the lender is FCA authorised.

Self Employed Loans with No Proof of Income

If you’re self-employed in the UK but do not have proof of income, the good news is with Personal Loans Now, you can use a bank statement instead as proof. This will help to prove what your income is going into your current business account and show the lender your expenditure to work out what you can repay each month. Bank statements are usually an excellent way to prove how responsible you are with finances and whether you adhere to limits on any overdrafts. Here at Personal Loans Now, we offer loans for self-employed no guarantor and with no proof of income, so apply today and we’ll see what we can do for you.

If you have no proof of income you can use your bank statements instead - Personal Loans Now

Are Self Employed Loans with No Bank Accounts Available in the UK?

Yes, some direct lenders offer loans for self-employed without bank accounts. But very often these loans have very high-interest rates and untrustworthy lenders may offer them. Before committing to any agreement for secured loans as a self-employed with no accounts make sure that the lender is registered and ethical. The Financial Conduct Authority regulates genuine lenders and lists them on the Financial Services Register.

Can I Get a Personal Loan when Self Employed Without Financial Documents?

No reputable lenders will allow you to take out a personal loan online without supplying financial information. Any lender who does offer these loans is most likely not a trustworthy lender. Likewise, you must show the lender all your relevant financial information, so that they can run affordability checks and work out the best loan to provide you. Rest assured that honesty is always the best policy when taking out any personal loans. At Personal Loans Now, we will only ask you to provide the most essential information for the application.

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Loans for Self Employed People from Personal Loans Now

Our Credit on Demand feature was set in place to improve our acceptance rate. We are now proud to admit that we have a high acceptance rate and you can apply for many kinds of loans with us. If we as a direct lender cannot provide you with loans for self-employed workers, we have joined forces with Monevo to ensure you have more options to look at, who may be able to lend to you..


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