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Are you unemployed but need emergency cash? Personal Loans Now offer loans for unemployed and people on benefits as part of our credit on demand service. No guarantor is needed, and you can apply even with bad credit! Apply now for up to £25,000 and get an instant decision.

Are you unemployed, or on benefits?
Apply for a loan today!

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*Direct lender and brokerage service*
*Representative 39.7% APR* (fixed)

Are you unemployed, or on benefits?
Apply for a loan today!

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Apply now
*Direct lender and brokerage service*
*Representative 39.7% APR* (fixed)

There are lots of reasons that you can find yourself unemployed. You may be in between jobs, have just been made redundant, are a student or are unable to work due to a disability. Whatever the case, you could still find that you need the occasional extra cash injection to get you through a rough patch.

Well, you’ll be happy to know that being unemployed should not hinder your attempts at securing a loan, as long as you have some way of covering the repayments. This could be through benefits you are receiving. However, if your income is very low or hard to prove, you may need to consider secured loans, for example, homeowner loans or pawnbroker loans instead.


Quick links about our loans for unemployed in the UK

Benefit Loans

If you’re unemployed but are receiving benefits, you can still be approved for all types of loans. Therefore, you don’t need to turn to lenders that aren’t regulated. All in all, it’s safer and easier to apply for loans for people on benefits from direct lenders like Personal Loans Now. If we cannot offer you the loan you need, we aim to help you find the best loans for unemployed people on benefits through Monevo’s Lender Panel even if you have bad credit. The range of products includes unsecured personal loans, payday and short term loans.

Personal Loans Now- Guaranteed Loans

I’m on benefits and need a loan fast, how long will it take?

If you’re looking for instant cash loans for people on benefits, your best shot is to apply with an online loan direct lender providing same day loans for people on benefits. Rather than having to search through many lender websites, you can use a site like Personal Loans Now where you get the best of both worlds. We are an exclusive direct lender and we have access to Monevo’s large panel of lenders providing higher rates of acceptance for the cash you need fast. As long as you can show that you have a steady income of benefits, we can try and help you get a benefit loan today.

Personal Loans Now- Guaranteed Loans

Do Personal Loans Now offer disability loans?

You’ll be happy to hear that we may be able to provide you with a loan, even if you are on disability benefits. If we can’t, we have links to a vast network of all types of online lenders. Some of these lenders offer same day loans for disabled people in the UK. You’ll need to have a steady cash flow of disability benefits and/or other sources of income that will cover the cost of the loan. Online loans for people on disability benefits can be hard to find. But using Personal Loans Now can make the process quicker and easier.

If you do not have a job, you may find it more challenging to secure a loan even if you have a great income from benefits. Or, if you have a job but your income is hard to prove (such as if you’re self employed), lenders may refuse to lend to you. For this exact reason, Personal Loans Now not only provide loans for the unemployed, but if we can’t then we access Monevo’s large panel of lenders and their products to see who can approve you. Apply now and see how quickly it works!

If you are on benefits, you may also be eligible for an interest free budgeting loan. Follow this link for more information –

  • Benefit loans
  • Loans for people on disability benefits
  • Panel of lenders specialising in loans for the unemployed
  • No guarantor needed

Personal loans  for unemployed

Unemployed Loans with No Guarantor

If you don’t have a guarantor or don’t want to use a guarantor, you can still get loans for unemployed people. This is as long as you have a steady income of some sort. For example, loans for single mums on benefits can be arranged if there is disposable income from the benefit payments to cover the cost of the loan. Of course, if you do not have a job, getting a loan with a guarantor is likely to be easier as guarantor loans tend to require less income verification and affordability checks.

Personal Loans Now- Guaranteed Loans

Can I get loans for unemployed with bad credit and no guarantor?

If you have a poor credit score and are unemployed, your options will be limited. But you can still find lenders that offer loans for unemployed people with bad credit and no guarantor. We can help you find the right no guarantor loans direct lender for your needs with just the click of a button. Still, we always recommend that you try and improve your credit rating before applying for cash loans for bad credit and unemployed people.

Personal Loans Now- Guaranteed Loans

How fast can I get a loan for unemployed people?

This depends on the lender. Instant cash loans for the unemployed can be hard to find online, and we are one of the few companies who can help you. If you’re approved and accept the loan offer, the fast unemployed cash advance loan is normally sent the same day. Most lenders are reluctant to offer these loans because they may need further verification of your income. However, once approved, most direct lenders payout unemployed loans on the same day.

  • Guarantor loans and no guarantor loans available
  • Strict responsible lending policy
  • Higher acceptance rates
  • Same day loans for unemployed people

Discover your loan options:

Bad Credit Loans Unemployed

Have you lost your job and are left unemployed with poor credit? Bad credit loans for unemployed are a great way to overcome your financial worries. The interest rate might be slightly higher here as it is determined by many factors such as your credit rating and the loan amount. While this loan may be the answer to your financial problems, search the market of lenders before you take it, because you may find a better deal.

Payday Loans for Unemployed

Payday loans are a form of short term loans and may be the perfect solution in emergency situations. These loans are suitable for unemployed people with a steady income who can make the repayments. Your qualification for this loan is usuallly based on these criteria:

  • You must be a UK resident
  • You must be 18 years of age and above
  • Hold a UK bank account

Doorstep Loans for Unemployed

Many people think that the best loans for unemployed people on benefits are doorstep loans. This is because you can repay monthly or weekly without requiring a bank account. Also, the approval rate is high since all the interactions are face to face. Nevertheless, doorstep cash loans for unemployed people are not very well regulated and can be unsafe.

Cash Loans for Unemployed

If you are unemployed and need cash today for an emergency bill that has just cropped up, you are in the right place. Personal Loans Now can provide quick cash to unemployed people if you can afford the repayments. As an authorised lender we will carry out credit and affordability checks to make sure that the loan won’t damage your financial situation in any way.

Unemployed Loan Alternatives:

If you’re unemployed and need a loan quickly and you’re worried about your poor credit score, unemployed loans are not the only option available.

  • Personal loans UK for the unemployed don’t require you to put up any possessions as security. However, this again is difficult to find as the risks are higher. Lenders are more inclined to lend to people with a good credit score.

  • Credit cards for the unemployed offer a flexible repayment plan. The interest rates are usually higher, and the credit limit will be lower too. This is a good option for people with a bad credit history.

  • Pawnbrokers – A pawnbroker will value the item you want to pawn and give you a credit agreement. They’re considered a short-term product since the maximum loan period is seven months. Once you’ve repaid the loan, you’ll get back the item you pawned. If you can’t repay the money, your item will be sold by the pawnbrokers to repay your debt.


We always encourage you to research all your options before signing any agreement. In some cases, Personal Loans Now loans for unemployed may be the perfect option for you.

Personal Loans for Unemployed – A £10,000 Bank Loan Compared
Company & APR Amount payable & Monthly repayment
Santander 3.0% £10,770.60 in 60 payments of £179.51
Tesco Bank 3.0% £10,770.60 in 60 payments of £179.51
Natwest* 3.4% £10,874.40 in 60 payments of £181.24
Nationwide* 4.2% £11,082.60 in 60 payments of £184.71

So far we have compared loans offered by banks, now we will compare loans offered by online lenders.

Personal Loans for Unemployed – A £10,000 Online Loan Compared
Company & APR Amount payable & Monthly repayment
Amigo 49.9% £23,715.00 in 60 payments of £395.25
TrustTwo 49.9% £23,731.20 in 60 payments of £395.52
Personal Loans Now 39.7% £18,442.11 in 60 payments of £307.37

Data correct as of 05/11/2018 *for existing customers only

The APR on bank loans is significantly lower than loans from online lenders. However, with online lenders you can get an instant decision, but when applying for a bank loan you will receive an email regarding the decision within 24 hrs. Another benefit of online lenders is that no paperwork is involved, and the money is usually funded the same day into your bank. On the other hand, once banks accept your application, they will post a credit agreement for you to sign and send back by post. Until you receive the funds it can take several days and maybe even weeks.

We do all we can to keep our APR as low as possible, whilst still offering you all the advantages of an online lender.

Unemployed Loans Pros

  • Receive money despite your previous or current employment status
  • You can choose to have a guarantor to increase your chances of lenders accepting your application by having a separate individual vouch on your behalf.
  • Get financial assistance until you secure a job

Unemployed Loans Cons

  • If the loan is unsecured, interest/APR rates may be higher than regular. As an individual is unemployed and has no collateral against the loan, many lenders may instantly reject the application or charge very high fees
  • Proof of income is required to meet the lender’s conditions. Sources of income that count include a state pension, government benefits etc.

Loans for Unemployed from Personal Loans Now

Personal Loans Now specialises in trying to help you find a loan whatever your situation may be. With Credit on Demand, we are confident that if you deserve and can afford to take a loan, we or our associates via Monevo will be able to help you. Whether you’re unemployed, on benefits or have bad credit, we’ll happily review your application. Apply now to borrow a loan of £2,000 up to £25,000*. You’ll receive a loan decision within 90 seconds. If approved, you could receive the total amount with same day payout.

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