Looking for loans online? You’re not interested in endless forms and waiting ages for a decision – you want fast loans online with instant approval, no fuss. Well, you’ve come to the right place! Apply for £500-£25,000* online, with same day funding from Monevo’s panel of FCA-authorised lenders. Personal Loans Now will get you a loan decision within 90 seconds, even if you have bad credit.

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Find answers to all your questions about personal loans online.

Online Loans

Applying for loans online is a very different experience to applying for bank loans, or from a high street lender. For a start, loans online are FAST. If you need the money urgently, you’ll need a quick loan online with an instant decision and same day payout.

Here is a quick checklist to make sure your loan online will be as quick as possible. Go through it to make sure that your lender offers all of the following features on their loan:

  • Online loan application
  • No need to send in documents
  • No paperwork to sign
  • Instant online decision
  • Online loans for bad credit (if you have a bad credit score)
  • Same day pay-out online with no fees
  • Early repayment allowed

At Personal Loans Now, our online loans tick all the above boxes. Our loans are designed for speed but without compromising on quality.

Loans online - Personal Loans Now

Where Can I Find the Best Online Loans?

There are so many online loan companies that it can be hard to know which one will offer the best online loans for your needs. It’s helpful to start by thinking about which type of loan you want. For example, are you going to search for the best online payday loans with a direct lender, or the best online car loans? Maybe you’re looking for the best short term loans online, or you’re wondering how to find the best online personal loan companies.

This table should help you understand the differences between some of the loans that people search for online.

Search Terms


online payday loans no credit check

loans online - Personal loans now

Like the sound of instant payday loans online? These are generally for smaller amounts, with loan terms of up to 1 month, but you can find long term payday loans online in the UK too.

online payday loans for bad credit

cheap payday loans online

personal loans online

loans online - Personal loans now

There are all sorts of personal loans online in the UK. They can be for larger amounts and longer loan periods than online payday loans, so it’s useful to decide what you need when you apply for an unsecured personal loan online.

guaranteed online personal loans

joint personal loans online

logbook loan quote online

loans online - Personal loans now

You can find logbook loans online, where you borrow against your car. This is a secured loan, so if you can’t repay it you may lose your car. Make sure you find logbook loans with an online payout.

logbook loans completely online

logbook loans online decision

Once you know what you’re looking for, it’s time to compare the costs. This is where an online loan calculator can come in useful. If you’re looking to apply for a car loan online with bad credit, for instance, keep an eye out for a free online car loan calculator which will show you exactly how much you can expect to pay for the loan. The best online loan companies should all have an online loan calculator to help you find the best online loans in the UK.

How Much Money Can I Borrow Online?

Every lender is different, but with Personal Loans Now we’re proud to offer you a huge range. You can apply for smaller amounts, starting at £500, or you could go for a larger loan of up to £25,000*. Remember, the more you borrow the more you’ll have to repay in interest, so don’t borrow more money just because you can.

How long will my loan take to come through?

How fast you get the money depends on which type of loan you choose: bank/instore loans, or loans online. In general, online loans with no paperwork tend to be very fast, often offering instant decision with same day payout to your bank account. However, it is important to check that your lender does not charge a fee for offering a speedy service! Bank loans, on the other hand, usually take far longer to process. In the next section, we provide a breakdown of the process of obtaining a bank loan, with estimations of how long it may take in total.

Bank Loans

A typical bank loan will involve a visit to your bank branch, waiting to speak to an employee, discussing your financial situation and what you need, and presenting all sorts of documents and paperwork. In many cases, you won’t even receive a loan decision on the spot, as the bank may want to perform some thorough checks. Some lenders will take 72 hours before giving you their decision, while some may take up to 7 days. Finally, if you are approved, the money will be transferred to your bank account, generally arriving within 5 working days.

Loans online - Personal Loans Now

But what if you need the money urgently? There are many different situations that will require emergency money, including:

  • A water pipe burst, and I have to pay the plumber
  • My car broke down and I need to pay a mechanic to fix it urgently
  • My relative died and I must buy tickets to fly in for the funeral
  • I need an operation urgently and NHS won’t cover the cost
  • The freezer died, I need to buy a new one desperately

In these cases, even the fastest offline loan is just not fast enough for you. You need a quick loan online.

Quick Loans Online from Personal Loans Now

When you apply for fast loans online, the entire process is much faster. At Personal Loans Now, the online loan application takes only 2 minutes to fill out. You will receive an instant online decision in up to approximately 90 seconds, and, if you are approved and decide to go ahead with the online loan offer, we offer same day funding with no extra fees.

To make this clearer, we’ve made an infographic which clearly displays the differences between a bank loan and a loan online from Personal Loans Now.

Loans online - Personal Loans Now

Are Instant Loans Online Really Instant?

How long does it take instant noodles to be ready? 3 minutes, plus time for the kettle to boil? For a nice meal, or a filling snack, that’s pretty fast. But what about an instant loan? At Personal Loans Now, we’ve streamlined our application process so that applying for quick loans in the UK online with us will only take you an average of 2 minutes! Once you’ve applied, we won’t keep you waiting. With our instant decision loans online, we can tell you within 90 seconds if a lender has been found for you.

So, that’s a total of three and a half minutes, from start the finish. More instant than instant noodles.

Looking for an online loan with instant decision?

Apply now and get your online loan decision within 90 seconds! High approval rate!


How Do I Apply for a Loan Online?

When you apply for a personal loan online with us, you’re experiencing borrowing on a whole new level.

  • No paperwork to sign
  • Face-to-face meeting not required
  • No documents to fax or scan

Just one, simple, online quick loan application form to fill out. 2 minutes of your time. Once you’ve filled that out, we’ll operate at top speed to get you sorted. Our no fuss loans are exactly what they say on the tin.

Our same day loans online give instant cash, if approved. Not every lender offers loans online with an instant decision, and many lenders will charge extra for online loans with same day payout. At Personal Loans Now, we offer access to loans online with instant decision and same day payout with no fees or extra charges. Not only that, but we even offer the same service to people who apply for a loan online with bad credit.

Want to know more about our personal loans online? Watch this video for a good example of how to use them to your benefit.

How Do I Know if I Can Trust an Online Lender?

When you go onto a website, it can be hard to know if it is a genuine lender that you can trust with your sensitive details. It is important to only deal with FCA-authorised lenders, as they have gone through thorough checks and will be held accountable should anything go wrong. Look for a registration number – it should be a link to the firm’s details on the FCA’s website.

Personal Loans Now acts as an Introducer to Quint, an FCA-authorised credit broker. This means that you can be sure that your details will only be sent to FCA-authorised lenders who are likely to approve your loan. This saves you from checking out each individual lender, saving you time and money when applying for safe loans online.

Can I Get Bad Credit Loans Online with Instant Decision?

If you have bad credit, it can be very difficult to be approved for a bank loan. However, there are many online loans for bad credit available. These will tend to be slightly more expensive that online loans for good credit. If you go to lenders who specialise in lending to borrowers with poor credit scores, you are more likely to find the best online loans for bad credit in the UK.

Another advantage of looking for online loans for poor credit is the sheer number of lenders available. While this can make the search for the right lender overwhelming, it does increase your chances of being approved for a bad credit loan online with an instant decision. You can narrow down your search by looking specifically for online loans for bad credit from a direct lender, for instance, or bad credit long term instalment loans online. An easier way to get a loan online with bad credit can be to use a licensed broker, as they can select the best lenders for you.

Personal Loans Now - Loans online

Should I Get Online Loans with No Credit Check?

You may think that you have more of a chance to be approved for online payday loans with no credit check. However, remember that online loans with no credit check are not legal in the UK. Therefore, you cannot get guaranteed online loans in the UK. Rather, every time you apply for a loan online with bad credit, you will need a credit check. You may receive offers of easy online loans with no credit check – but remember, no lender can legally offer these.

 But don’t worry! At Personal Loans Now, you can get online loans for bad credit with no guarantor at reasonable rates. The way we operate ensures that you will get the cheapest loan offer available to you, out of a large panel of online direct lenders who are all fully FCA-authorised.

So, whether you want to apply for a car loan online with bad credit, or you’re looking for online payday loans for bad credit, there is no need to look for no credit check loans with an instant decision; Personal Loans Now are happy to help, with our instant online loans for bad credit. Find out within 90 seconds if you are eligible!

FAQs about Loans Online

Can I get online loans from direct lenders?

Many direct lenders operate online in the UK, most notably online payday loans direct lenders. It is therefore possible to obtain payday loans online from direct lenders only. Make sure to check that a lender is in fact a direct lender, or you may find yourself dealing with a broker. There are many online loans for bad credit from direct lenders, so it is important to look around carefully before selecting your lender. At Personal Loans Now, we have access to a range of direct lenders offering cash loans online, and your details will only be sent to lenders who are most likely to approve your application.

Can I apply for a budgeting loan online?

If you’ve been on benefits for 6 months or more, you may be eligible for a Budgeting Loan online from the government. These are interest free, and the repayment is deducted automatically from your benefits. The DWP budgeting loan online application is fairly simple, and you can access the budgeting loan form online on the UK government website. You will get a loan decision within 15 days, and if approved, receive the money within a further 11 days. If you are desperate for the money, taking out a small personal loan online until you receive your budgeting loan may be an option.

Are online loans in the UK easy to find?

There are many companies offering loans in the UK online today, but it is important to check that they are authorised to offer quick loans in the UK online. You don’t want to borrow payday loans online in the UK only to discover that the lender is actually based in some remote country and is hard to get hold of when you need them! You should also beware of loans sharks online in the UK, as these are unauthorised lenders who charge exorbitant rates and often resort to violent threats to get their money. So yes, it is easy to find fast loans online in the UK, but you must check that it is indeed a safe and authorised UK online lender.

Are online bank loans available to everyone in the UK?

While many banks do offer online bank personal loans, not everyone can apply for a bank loan online in the UK. This is because not everyone has a bank account. It is possible to get online cash loans without a bank account, but these will not be available from banks. Many lenders will not offer online loans with no credit check and no bank account, as they need reassurance that they are likely to get their money back. Some lenders will offer payday loans online with no bank account, and it is possible to get online payday loans with no bank verification. However, all online banking loans for bad credit or good credit will require the applicant to have a bank account.

Long and Short Term Loans Online

Ready to apply for online loans? There’s one more important factor to think about: How long do you need the money for? Your answer will affect the type of online loan you search for. This table should help you out:

Type of Online Loan Search Terms Explanation
Long term loans online long term loans online approval You can get long term loans online, which are usually at least 12-month loans online, but can even be 10-year loans, 20-year loans or even 30-year loans.
long term loans for bad credit online
bad credit long term installment loans online
Short term loans online quick short term loans online People often prefer short term loans online, which tend to range from just a few weeks long to a 6-month online loan, although you can sometimes find instant 12 month loans online.
short term installment loans online direct lenders
short term loans online no paperwork
Instalment loans online online instalment loans no credit check When people search for online instalment loans, these can be for any length of time. The term ‘instalment’ refers to multiple repayments, as opposed to one lump sum.
payday loans online instalment payments
online loans with monthly payments

Personal Loans Online

Many people opt for personal loans online because they are faster, more convenient, and generally easier to obtain if they have bad credit. It’s important to only work with FCA-authorised lenders or brokers. Make sure you understand all the terms of the loan before applying.

At Personal Loans Now, we have access to a panel with a wide range of trusted lenders, so we can offer a higher acceptance rate, even for people with bad credit. Our online loans are fast, with an instant online decision taking up to 90 seconds. You can apply for anywhere between £500 and £25,000 and receive the money directly to your account on the same day, if approved. Enjoy a speedy and completely online loan experience when you apply with Personal Loans Now.

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