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Looking for logbook loans in the UK? Don’t risk your car, you may be eligible for a personal loan of up to £25,000*, even with bad credit. If approved, you could receive the money today. Personal Loans Now works with Quint, an FCA-authorised credit broker, to provide you with loans you can trust. Apply now for an instant decision!

Are you looking for logbook loans for bad credit up to £25,000*?
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Bad credit logbook loans
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Everything about our logbook loans

Logbook Loans Online

A logbook loan means that you borrow money against the value of your car. You can typically borrow up to 50% of the trade value of the vehicle. Log book loans is a big organisation and can take time. However Personal Loans Now provides you with the alternative of getting these types of loans competely online with online payout and an online decision from the comfort of your own home!

Logbook loans - Personal Loans Now

How can I apply for same day logbook loans online?

Logbook loans - Personal Loans Now

Can I get logbook loans online with no credit check?

You can apply with Personal Loans Now for log book loans with a same day payout by filling out our simple online application form. Upon approval, a contract will be sent to you by the lender. Signing the contract for log book loans with an instant decision means almost instant cash that can alleviate pressing financial problems. It’s important to note that instant loans don’t exist. If your loan application has been accepted, your lender will transfer the funds directly into your bank account. Following the transaction, you can drive off in your own car and carry on as usual with your own life. As long as payments are made on time, you will stay the legal owner of your car.

No! Logbook loans with no credit check are illegal in the UK. No trustworthy lender will offer such loans. However, most logbook loans companies trade with customers who have a poor credit score. In fact, they positively relish lending to people with a blemish on their credit history. In spite of a bad credit rating, you can probably get a loan as long as your car has a high enough value. Credit defaults or County Court Judgements will affect your interest rates. Personal Loans Now have access to many authorised and regulated FCA lenders via Monevo. These logbook lenders specialise in providing loans for bad credit. Apply now and get an instant decision!

  • Bad credit logbook loans
  • Best interest rates
  • High acceptance rate
  • Instant decision online
  • Same day payout

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Car Logbook Loans

Vehicle logbook loans are used when people find it difficult obtaining an unsecured loan. Loans on your car in the UK are types of secured loans. The loan is secured against your vehicle in case the borrower can’t repay the loan. When signing for the loan in addition to the normal credit loan agreement, you must sign a ‘bill of sale ’ which effectively transfers the ownership of the car to the lender.

Logbook loans - Personal Loans Now

Can I get logbook loans for older cars?

Logbook loans - Personal Loans Now

Can I get motorbike logbook loans?

To know whether you can get these types of loans for cars over 10 years old you must ask your lender if they provide log book loans for any age of car, or even log book loans on a financed car. Each lender has a different policy regarding the vehicles they accept. Compare reviews that borrowers have written about lenders regarding log book loans for cars over 10 years to help you decide which lender to approach. Personal Loans Now forwards all applications to Monevo, an online credit broker who can scan the best loan options that are available to you from their wide range of trustworthy lenders.

Some lenders offer motorcycle log book loans online. Each lender has an individual policy regarding the vehicles they accept as security. Should you want 125cc motorbike log book loans, you’d be best off directly contacting your lender. Personal Loans Now lenders offer bike loans online, which will make your search easier and more convenient if you have difficulty obtaining other types of loans.

  • Motorbike loans
  • High Acceptance Rate
  • Logbook loans for older cars
  • High acceptance rate
  • Direct lenders panel

Logbook loans - Personal Loans Now

Logbook loans alternatives from Personal Loans Now

You may turn to logbook loans because you don’t think you can get a regular personal loan. Maybe you need a personal loan for the unemployed, or perhaps you have bad credit? At Personal Loans Now, we have access to Monevo’s lenders panel consisting of a huge range of FCA-authorised lenders, some of whom specialise in providing loans to those in unique circumstances. Give it a try, apply today even with poor credit and get an instant decision! We offer same day payout loans of up to £25,000*, and with our any products you may find that you don’t need to turn to a logbook lender after all.

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