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If your credit score health is good and you have the means to make repayments on time every month, you’ll find our no guarantor loans ideal for your situation. Loans with no guarantor mean exactly that; if you can afford repayments and know how much you want to borrow, apply today. We’ll find you no guarantor loans quickly with same day cash into your account if approved.

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No Guarantor Loans UK – How Do They Work?

No guarantor loans work similarly to personal loans in that they do not require someone to co-sign an agreement. This means that the loan will be in your name only and you will be fully responsible for the loan repayments. At Personal Loans Now we are fully committed to providing a loan our customers can afford. However, we highly recommend you check your own income and outgoings to ensure you have the disposable income to afford loans with no guarantor.

Once you have established your affordability, click apply now and we’ll work with you to find loans without guarantor that match your circumstances.

Am I Eligible For Loans With No Guarantor Through Personal Loans Now?

You are eligible for no guarantor loans if you meet the following criteria:

You are aged 18 and over

You are aged 18 and over

Are a current UK resident

Are a current UK resident

Have a UK bank account

Have a UK bank account


If you meet the above, then we can look to help you with a no guarantor loan today! If we cannot provide the credit as a direct lender, we’ll then use our database of lenders accessed through Monevo to find a lender suitable for you.

What Are The Benefits Of No Guarantor Loans UK?

There are many reasons why taking out no guarantor loans will benefit you, including:

  • Quick application – get a decision within minutes
  • Fully online – no need to wait for paperwork
  • Low APR – because you have the means to afford, you can enjoy better rates of interest
  • Instant Decision – We’ll give you a decision online instantly
  • Direct Lenders – we can look to loan you the credit; if we can’t, we’ll a lender who can

Loans With No Guarantor – How Does It Differ To Guarantor Loans?

The biggest difference between no guarantor loans and guarantor loans is the fact you will not need someone to guarantee the loan repayments if you find yourself in a position where you cannot afford the repayments. A guarantor would agree to make repayments on your behalf as part of the application process and can sometimes be a friend or close relative.

Ideally, you’ll never be in a situation where you cannot afford repayments and you have to rely on a guarantor, which is why it is important to know your full affordability. With no guarantor loans, you won’t have to worry about causing a financial burden to someone else if the worst-case scenario happens. Applying for loans with no guarantor will ensure you take full responsibility for the debt. In line with FCA regulations, at Personal Loans Now we will carry out credit checks to ensure if you choose to opt for no guarantor loans that you can solely afford to repay them.

No Guarantor Loans UK – What Do I Need to Know?

Due to no guarantor loans being your sole responsibility, you may find that the rate of interest can be higher than those taking out a guarantor loan. The reason for this is that to a lender, there is more risk attached to lending to someone that has a poor credit rating than if there are two people involved. If you get into financial difficulties, then a no guarantor loan has no-one else on the agreement to make the repayments. This should be taken fully into account when you apply for a no guarantor loan.

No Guarantor Loans UK – What Do I Need to Know?

Loans Without Guarantor from Personal Loans Now

We want to help you get a great deal on a no guarantor loan, by helping you find the best rate available under the best repayment terms. If you’re unsure about any information relating to no guarantor loans, please feel free to contact us today and we’ll strive to help in any way we can. If you’re ready to start your application, apply now and we’ll do the hard work for you finding a loan without guarantor ideal for you.


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