Wedding Guide: How to Finance and Budget For Your Dream Day Chapter 10: How to Save Money on The Wedding Cake

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No doubt you are making every effort to make your wedding as memorable an as beautiful as possible. In this article, you’ll learn how to save money on the wedding cake, while still enjoying the cake of your dreams. Congratulations!

Learning Highlights
  • The average cost for a wedding cake for 90-110 guests is £300
  • Wedding cakes are traditionally made of fruit since that symbolises fertility and prosperity
  • About 50% of couples chose to have the traditional tiered-wedding cake in 2015.
  • 36.7% of married men in the UK do not wear a wedding ring.

In this chapter, we will be looking at an aspect of the wedding which some people might view as a complete waste of money. The wedding cake. Here we’ll prove that it is entirely possible to have one, and avoid a wedding loan. We will consider money-saving ideas so that having a beautiful cake does not mean spending a fortune.

Save Money On The Wedding Cake

It is entirely up to you whether you include all the traditions concerned with cutting the wedding cake together; joint hands on the cutting of the cake symbolising your willingness to work together throughout your married life. In fact, some couples choose to dispense with the wedding cake altogether in favour of a desserts table.

The average wedding cake for 90-110 guests costing around £300. There are many ways to make savings on your cake without compromising its quality or quantity and without requiring long term loans for bad credit from direct lenders.

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Types Of Wedding Cake

The traditional type of wedding cake is made of fruit such as raisins, currants, dates, etc. soaked in cognac and covered with a firm icing. Such fruit cakes tend to be more expensive than other kinds. There is no reason why you should not replace the fruit cake with a sponge cake and save money on the ingredients. Think about your own personal preferences; in recent years wedding cakes have even been carrot cakes which have been adorned with different wedding decorations.

If you do decide to use a different cake type, it means that the cake itself has to be made (though not ordered) later. The main advantage of a fruit cake is that, because of its ingredients, it lasts much longer.

Alternatively, you could choose to have good quality cupcakes in a tiered display. From supermarkets, they cost £6-£12 for 12 while some department stores offer party cupcakes for £55 for about 40-48. Choosing to have cupcakes has the advantage that you can order the exact number of cakes according to the number of your guests although you will not be able to do the custom of cutting the cake.

Did you know?

In Medieval England, there was no cake, but guests to a wedding used to bring scones, biscuits, etc. and form a big pile; the higher the stack of sweets, the better. The just-married couple would have to exchange a kiss over the sweets without knocking it down. If they succeeded, this predicted a lifetime of prosperity.

Wedding Cake Suppliers

If you are using caterers, you do not have to order your cake from them too. It is worth getting quotations from bakers too and like any other wedding vendors, shopping around for a better price; always asking whether the price includes VAT. For a quote, the supplier would need to know the number of guests and the type of cake you require, complete with decorations.

It is worth checking out supermarkets and chain stores since many now sell a variety of either ‘special occasion’ or wedding cakes. You can buy such cakes ‘bare’ (without any covering), plain (with just a frosted covering) or fully decorated.

Buying a bare or plain cake is cheaper. Some couples leave it as it is while you also have the option of personalising your wedding cake by decorating it yourself. There are plenty of ideas online about how to make your cake unique, including the use of ribbons, flowers and so on or even referring to your and your partner’s interests or shared hobbies.

Personal Loans Now - Save Money on the wedding cake

Cakes from High Street outlets need to be booked about 4-6 weeks beforehand although specialised bakers may need more notice, especially in the wedding ‘peak season’ (May-September).

Summary: Save Money on The Wedding Cake
  • A wedding cake costs around £300 for 90-110 guests.
  • To save money, you could replace the traditional fruit cake with something cheaper such as a sponge cake, bare cake or individual cupcakes.
  • Search around for outlets such as supermarkets and chain stores since they offer better prices to save on personal loans in the UK.
  • You could buy a plain cake and decorate yourself to make it unique.

Other Ways to Save Money on The Wedding Cake

If you have always dreamt of a 5-tier wedding cake but simply cannot afford it, you can replace some of the tiers with a polystyrene cake shape, decorated with icing. This was common during the rationing of the Second World War, and this ‘trick’ is more common than you think! In order to serve everyone a piece of wedding cake, keep a (cheaper) sheet cake in the kitchen to cut, and guests are none the wiser.

If you have relatives or friends who are keen amateur bakers, another possible way to save money is to ask one of them to make your cake for you. In this way, you only have to pay for the ingredients, which is a great saving. If you choose to have cupcakes as your wedding cake, they can easily be made by a competent amateur baker.

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If the person making your cake is an amateur and has quite possibly never made a cake of this magnitude before, then it is well-worth having a ‘practice run’ so they can iron out any difficulties they have before making the real thing. The added advantage of this is that you will get the chance to test the cake beforehand.

In summary, it’s not difficult to save money on the wedding cake. By using the aforementioned tips, you can forget about taking guarantor loans with a low APR from personal loans now. Enjoy knowing that you are starting your life together clear of debt.

save money on the wedding cake - personal loans now