Wedding Guide: How to Finance and Budget For Your Dream Day Chapter 11: Wedding Favours: How Not to Break the Bank!

Wedding favours and wedding decorations are a convenient way to add your special personal touch to your special day. Personal Loans Now shares their ideas without the breaking the bank.

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Learning Highlights
  • If you add a label or tag to each wedding favour, then they could double up as a place setting saving you even more money.
  • Large flower arrangements cost around £85-£125.
  • Lengths of ribbons tied in bows on the back of the chairs can save you a fortune instead of paying extra for chair covers.
  • You can find or make wedding favours for as little as 25p each.

Wedding Venue Decorations

When there is the talk of decorating the venue of the ceremony and reception, some people automatically think of floral displays. Large flower arrangements cost around £85-£125. The problem is that they can add a considerable amount to your wedding expenses and may cause you to take out a wedding loan. However, your decoration does not have to be only flowers, and there are many alternative and more economical ways to brighten even the dullest room.

If you are hiring a venue as an old-style coaching inn converted into a hotel, you might find they have ‘props’ that can add atmosphere to the site. However, do not make the mistake of assuming you include everything when you hire. Always ask to avoid any extra charges.

wedding favours - personal loans now

1 or 2 Venues?

Firstly, you should consider whether you wish to decorate both venues or only the reception venue. If you are marrying in approved premises and both sites are under one roof, you can save a fortune, on personal loans and your budget, by having the decorations from the ceremony transferred to the reception. The two key things to bear in mind when deciding on how to decorate your wedding venue is the type of venue you are hiring and the season when the wedding will take place.

For some venues, you may find that you only need to think about the table decoration since the venue itself looks excellent. To illustrate this point, you just have to compare the challenges of decorating a bare village hall or community centre with the hired room of a pub or restaurant, which might already have pictures on the walls, etc. to create an atmosphere.

wedding favours - personal loans now

Decorating The Wedding Venue On A Budget

You can use effective lighting. Think about using tea-lights, white Christmas fairy lights, candles and lanterns instead of harsh overhead lighting. Do not concentrate your attention on the tables only. Think about how you could use the ceiling to add decorations. You could drape a material like a tulle across the ceiling or hang balloons, streamers and bunting. They can give your reception venue a different look and do not cost a fortune. Lengths of ribbons tied in bows on the back of the chairs can save you a fortune instead of paying extra for chair covers.

If you are on a budget and think some of these ideas seem costly, think about going to charity shops and jumble sales. Find old-fashioned vases, jugs (to use instead of vases) or even candelabras. The fact that they do not match exactly can add to their charm. As for cheap fabrics, balloons and so on, you can find bargains in markets or £1 shops. To personalise your wedding, you could create a wedding wall with photos of family and friends’ weddings. Another creative use of photos could be to place photos documenting your relationship with your partner on different tables. Alternatively, put pictures showing you at different stages of your life.

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Wedding Flowers

If you do like the idea of using flowers, you could place the bride’s and the bridesmaids’ bouquets into vases to make attractive table centrepieces. Do not fall into the trap of thinking that you must professionally arrange your flowers. You could find cheaper flowers at supermarkets or markets and make informal arrangements. Always picking blooms which are in season to avoid paying too much.

Flowers or even herbs can be home-grown to make further savings. If you are planning to marry in winter, you can make an attractive arrangement with evergreens or by spray-painting twigs in metallic colours such as silver and gold.

wedding favours - personal loans now

Wedding Favours

Guests would appreciate the thought and care taken if you make your wedding favours. These could be anything like home-made jams in small jars or heart-shaped biscuits. You could decorate the biscuits writing your or your partner’s initial in icing. Then put one of each in every bag. You can buy spices and herbs in bulk from many markets. Then, you could divide these into smaller jars. You can find or make wedding favours for as little as 25p each.

Alternatively, you could prepare a hand-written note for each guest. You can write these on plain white postcards. Decorate the front with a drawing, dried flowers or a quotation. There are plenty of quotes online about love, marriage, etc. so you can use different ones according to the age, marital status of your guest or your relationship to them.

If you add a label or tag to each wedding favour, then they could double up as a place setting saving you even more money. Even glass tea light holders can have your guests’ names painted on them and placed as both a table setting and small gift. You don’t need to spend money on your party favours, guests take away the atmosphere, not just the little favours. Thinking of ways to save on your expenses will help you manage your budget and avoid turning to logbook loans UK.

Summary: Wedding Favours
  • You could choose to include jokey wedding favours.
  • When making favours, do not forget to choose something appropriate for children.
  • If you are on a budget, wedding favours can be home-made and personalised.
  • Decorating the venue should not be limited to flowers.
  • The type of decoration you choose for the wedding depends on which type of venue you have hired and the season you marry.

FAQs on Wedding Decorations and Wedding Favours

Aren’t wedding favours expensive?
Not necessarily. Hand-made gifts can cost as little as £15-£20 for 50 guests while hand-written postcards cost nothing but your time.

How can I decorate my wedding venue?
Before deciding, you should consider the venue itself and when you are getting married. Browsing through charity shops and jumble sales might give you some ideas.

How will I find the time to decorate the wedding venue if I want to do it by myself?
Relatives and friends are invaluable at times like these. If you are hiring a venue like a village hall or community centre, it might be worth hiring it for an extra day or part of a day. You’ll be less pressurised for time.

I’m marrying in winter and can’t afford many flowers. What can I do?
There are many alternatives to flowers. You could use evergreens or house-plants which bloom in the winter, such as poinsettias, the Christmas cactus or azaleas You can make attractive arrangements out of spray-painted twigs adorned with ribbons and white fairy lights.

Summary: Favours, Flowers and Decorations

Personal Loans Now, providing you with flexible loans looks at wedding favours, decorations and flowers. We have given you a few ideas on how to save money with these added extras to your wedding. Check out the rest of the wedding guide for more money-saving tips.

wedding favours - Personal Loans Now