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Looking for a cash injection during the festive season? Let Personal Loans Now help you with same day funding with our Christmas Loans online. Designed to help alleviate your money worries whilst still enjoying the holidays. With funding between £1,000 up to £20,000 available, click apply now. We can help show you the best rate Christmas loans using our online comparison tool.

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In just a few minutes, you can receive same day funds into your bank account. Thanks to a quick and secure turnaround with our easy to use online application. We require only a few personal details to get your application started. So, why not apply for Christmas Day loans with us today.

What Are Secured Loans?

Why Should I Apply for Christmas Day Loans?

The build-up to Christmas can be a very busy one. Money worries can often take centre stage when planning out the usual expenses at this time of year. The costs can quickly mount after you’ve taken into account gift-buying, food and festive decorations for your home. All of which ideally you have saved for throughout the year. However, sometimes the unexpected happens and you can suddenly have an extra expense to deal with. For example, a boiler issue, car repair or anything else winter can throw at you.

With Christmas Loans from Personal Loans Now, you can help alleviate any extra strain on your finances this season. You can spread the costs with monthly repayments, without having to worry about using any other forms of credit. Some forms of lending can have high-interest charges, such as a credit card. Designed to help make paying for Christmas easier, Christmas Day loans can be a suitable option.


How Do Christmas Loans Online Work?

Christmas loans, much like personal loans, involve a quick application. In most cases, they can credit your bank account on the same day. To be eligible for Christmas loans online, you will need to ensure you meet the following minimum requirements:

Are aged at least 18 years old

You are aged 18 years or older

Are a current UK resident

Are a current UK resident

Are in current employment

Are in employment

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If you can confidently say yes to the above, then you’re on the first step towards Christmas loans. You’ll then need to provide a few personal details by filling in our simple application form. You only need one to have access to all the direct lenders we work with. In just 3 minutes, we’ll show you a personalised comparison table of pre-approved loan offers just for you. This is without a credit check, meaning you can see at a glance all the suitable Christmas loans before proceeding. Once you’ve decided on the most suitable option, you can proceed with your application with the direct lender.


How Do You Compare Christmas Loans Online?

We use Europe’s largest personal loan marketplace to compare all the most suitable Christmas loans for you. We are direct lenders of Christmas loans, but don’t worry if we cannot approve your loan application. We’ll show you from our extensive list of over 40+ direct lenders who are best placed to help. We’ve helped 50,000 people with loans online in the UK. Thanks to our innovative credit on-demand system showing you real-time offers for Christmas loans. All you need to do is click apply now, and we’ll help you with the rest. We’ll find you low rate loans that can make a difference for you.

Do I Need to Have a Good Credit Score to Apply for Christmas Loans?

At Personal Loans Now, we consider your complete finances to offer the best terms for Christmas loans. Although your credit rating will be considered, it is not the only factor in our decision process. Christmas loans for bad credit are possible depending on your circumstances. We recommend you fully consider your financial position before applying. The best way to do this is to complete an income and expenditure form. This will detail all of your current income and outgoings and that way you can work out your monthly disposable income.

Need a Christmas Loans for bad credit?

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The great thing if you’re accepted for Christmas Loans online is that it can help build up your credit rating. Assuming all subsequent repayments are made on time. This is because your level of trust will start to build with a proven track record of borrowing and repayment. With us, the more information you provide will show your affordability better. This will help to show what you can realistically afford each month.

How Can I Ensure I Am Making an Informed Decision with Christmas Loans Online?

We understand you want to make the right choice when it comes to taking on a financial commitment. Especially with Christmas Loans, when expenses at this time of year are traditionally much higher than other months. As responsible lenders, we want to ensure you have all the information you’ll need to make an informed decision. That’s why during the online application, we’ll show you a list of lenders who are willing to lend to you. All without affecting your credit score. This way, you can fully review the available options and choose the best option for your circumstances. Of course, we are always available at the end of the phone or by email if you have further queries or concerns.

Christmas Loans Online – FAQs

Do You Provide Christmas Loans for the Unemployed?

If you’re currently unemployed, we won’t be able to lend directly to you. As per our eligibility requirements, we are an FCA regulated direct lender of Christmas loans. Therefore, we are responsible lenders. If you’re unemployed with no source of regular income, you’ll find most lenders aren’t able to take the risk of lending. Although Christmas Loans for the unemployed aren’t an option, you may have a higher chance of applying for guarantor loans. This is because having a guarantor will present a considerably lower risk to a lender. This is the same if your current income is only from benefits. A direct lender will need to prove that there is no risk involved with lending to you. A guarantor loan is a much more suitable option for this situation.

Can Christmas Loans Online Help Me in Financial Difficulties?

Christmas Loans can be a great way to receive a cash injection at a difficult time of year for expenditure. However, we do not recommend them to be used to help with any current financial difficulties you may have. As responsible lenders, we want to ensure that you’re in the best possible place to repay any Christmas loans. If we lend to someone that is struggling financially without proper checks in place, it can put you in further risk. This can cause more harm than good to your financial situation.

If you feel you are experiencing financial difficulties, we strongly advise you seek impartial advice. There are many free to use organisations available to help, including the Money Advice Service. They can provide a helping hand when you need it.

Can I Apply for Christmas Loans with No Bank Account?

To deposit the funds from Christmas Loans online, you’re required to have a valid UK bank account. Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with credit in any other form, only by direct bank transfer. If you currently do not have a bank account, you’ll need to apply and open one. This is before proceeding with an application through us for Christmas loans.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Decision when Applying for Christmas Loans?

As we use a credit on demand system, this helps speed up the application process. This is so that we can provide you with a decision within minutes. The great news is your application for Christmas Loans is fully online. We can make an instant loan decision without having to send documents to be signed first. Apply online today and get a decision within just 3 minutes and receive same day funding. This is all designed with your convenience in mind.

Can I Apply for More than One Christmas Loan at a Time?

We can only process one application at a time when applying for Christmas loans. You need to be sure of the amount you’re applying for is correct at the time of application. The more applications you apply for within a short amount of time can have a negative impact on your credit. This, in the long term, will increase your risk factor in the eyes of any potential lenders. We can show you all the available options within one application. This way, you will already have worked out the amount of borrowing you will need for Christmas loans.

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