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If you’re in need of funding for your next holiday, look no further than Personal Loans Now for holiday loans. With unsecured holiday loans from £1,000 up to £20,000 available, you’ll find a suitable holiday loan in the UK for you. With our easy online application, you’ll have access to 40+ direct lenders willing to provide holiday loans today. So, if you know how much you want and how long for, click apply now, and we can show you the best rates on the market.

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What are Holiday Loans?

Holiday loans refer to a type of borrowing that is used to fund a holiday away. Similar to a personal loan with easy monthly repayments and a fixed rate of interest. Holiday loans can be a great option for someone who needs to pay for their dream holiday but doesn’t have the funds. You can use holiday loans for any kind of holiday. Whether it’s somewhere close to home or further across the globe. A holiday loan in the UK is usually unsecured. This means that none of your personal property or possessions needs to be used as collateral. You may find that even with a poor credit rating, you could receive holiday loans for bad credit when applying through us.

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Do I Need Holiday Loans?

Holiday loans are a great idea to help spread the cost of your next holiday away. But you should carefully consider whether you need one. You should only apply for what you can afford to pay. Affordability and credit checks are conducted by us during the application process. This is designed to protect you from overextending your finances. If you have the savings available, it is much more beneficial to your finances to use this. It will help reduce the cost of any borrowing you apply for.


You may find situations where holiday loans are ideal for a one-off circumstance. Such as paying for a honeymoon or visiting family during a difficult time. In these situations, you should still check your own affordability and only apply for what you need.

How Can I Be Eligible for Holiday Loans?

To be eligible to apply for holiday loans through us, you’ll need to meet the following as a minimum:

  • You are aged 18 years or over
  • You are a current UK resident
  • You have a valid UK bank account
  • You have a regular source of income

If you can say yes to the above, then you can apply for holiday loans. But please be aware that this doesn’t guarantee your loan will be accepted. We’ll need to conduct affordability and credit checks to ensure we are responsibly lending to you. We have to ensure we are not putting your finances into a worse condition.


Why Should I Choose Personal Loans Now for Holiday Loans?

We can ensure that you see all the available best deals for holiday loans on the market. Some of the many reasons for applying through us include:

  • Fully Online Application – you can apply completely online with no waiting for paperwork required.
  • Same Day Funding – once approved, we can pay the funds straight into your bank account the same day.
  • High Acceptance Rates – we are proud to offer a high acceptance rate even with bad credit, with over 50,000 applicants approved so far.
  • No Hidden Fees or Charges – we are transparent with what you need to pay, with no fees charged for using or service.

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So, if you’ve got a holiday planned and want to ensure you can affordably finance it, click apply now. We’ll do the hard work for you, with just one application providing you with a personalised table of offers. The benefit of this is that you can see all the available offers from direct lenders and high-street banks, without a credit search. This means you can make a fully informed decision first, then apply with your chosen lender.

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Holiday Loans for Poor Credit

We understand that your current affordability may not match your credit score. This is why we’ll consider your whole situation and not just your credit file. If you can demonstrate the means to afford the loan you want to apply for, we can look to help you. We cannot guarantee you’ll be accepted for holiday loans for poor credit. If we cannot approve your application, we’ll connect you with direct lenders who possibly can. You may find that with a poor credit rating, the rates of interest available to you will be much higher. This is due to the bigger risk for a lender. You’ll need to ensure holiday loans for bad credit are effective in the long term for you.

If you’re unsure of how much the loan will cost monthly, use our personal loan calculator to see exactly. Using our calculator will show you the monthly repayments, the interest charge and total amount. This way, before you apply for any borrowing, you’ll see what you will need to be able to afford each month.

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Holiday Loans FAQs

How Can I Find the Cheapest Deals for Holiday Loans Online?

Easily using Personal Loans Now! We agree that you want to find the best deal possible for holiday loans, especially if your credit score is low. We can show you a personalised table of offers before any credit search is conducted. This is so you can easily see all the available holiday loans you can apply for. This way, we hope you’ll be able to make an informed choice when deciding to proceed with holiday loans. Ideally, you’ll have a good credit rating so that you can see the best rates on holiday loans on the market. The better your credit score, the better the loan. If you have a poor credit rating, then you may only find holiday loans with much higher rates of interest. Please take this into consideration before continuing your application.

What Happens if I Miss Repayments on Holiday Loans?

If you miss repayments on your holiday loan in the UK, you’ll need to contact the lender in the first instance. Ideally this will need to be before your first missed payment. Depending on the terms in your agreement, a lender may take legal action if they cannot come to a solution. You will need to repay the missed payment in a suitable time frame. In worst-case scenarios, this could involve paying the full amount of the loan to settle the debt. This would normally be if continuous payments are missed.

Can Holiday Loans for Bad Credit Help Me in Financial Difficulty?

If you’re currently in financial difficulty, we don’t recommend holiday loans to pay existing borrowing. You should consider if applying for holiday loans whilst struggling with your finances is the best option. If you’re unsure of your affordability, we recommend that you complete an income and expenditure form. This way you will see your disposable income monthly. If you have money available, you’ll be able to compare this with the monthly repayments you want.

We recommend seeking independent financial advice if you are experiencing financial difficulty. Organisations such as Money Advice Service can offer impartial help when you need it.

Can I Borrow More than £20,000 for Holiday Loans?

If you want to apply for higher amounts than £20,000 for holiday loans, you may want to consider other borrowing. With holiday loans being an unsecured form of borrowing, the maximum you can apply for is £20,000. Any loan amount higher than £20,000, most lenders will only supply a form of secured loan. This is because, with a secured loan, you can borrow between £10,000 and up to £250,000 through us. The loan would need to be secured against an asset such as a property or vehicle.

Do I Need a Guarantor when Applying for Holiday Loans?

No, you do not need to have guarantor when you are looking at holiday loans. However, depending on your current credit score, guarantor loans may be a better option. This is because if you have a guarantor against your loan, in the eyes of a lender, you’ll be of much lower risk. With a guarantor, even if you have a bad credit score, your chances of being approved are increased. This is because if any repayments were to be missed, your guarantor will be asked to make the payments instead.

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