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Applying for a loan online is made easy using Personal Loans Now. It takes just 3 minutes to complete a loan application for your own personalised table of offers. With just a few details needed with our loan application form, we can connect you with 40+ lenders. All of these can provide you with a great value personal loan at the lowest rates available. Click apply now and fill in a loan application form in a matter of minutes. Once complete, you’ll get same day approval and funding.

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How Does an Application for a Loan Work?

It really is simple to complete an online loan application through Personal Loans Now. You can be connected with 40+ lenders with just a few details. You won’t need a credit check to see the available offers after filling in an application for a loan. You’ll be able to review the available options without much effort and without impacting your credit score. This will leave you in the best position possible to apply for a loan through us.

You’ll need to provide a few details, including your date of birth and employment details during a loan application. This includes the amount of the loan you want to borrow and repayment length. With this information, we can then form a personalised list of loan offers for you. This will highlight the best deals and lenders to connect with. It’s then just a case of choosing the lender you wish to apply through. Once you’ve passed a credit check, we can give you an instant approval in just 90 seconds. It’s as easy as that. Plus, once approved, you’ll be credited with the loan amount into your bank account on the same day. As long as it’s approved during regular working hours (9-5 pm). Click apply now, and we can get started with helping you complete a loan application in minutes.

How Can I Be Eligible for an Online Loan Application?

How Can I Be Eligible for an Online Loan Application?

If you want to be eligible to apply for a loan through us, you’ll need to meet the following requirements:

  • You are 18 years old or above
  • You are a current UK resident
  • You have a UK bank account
  • You have a regular source of income

If you say yes to these criteria, you’ll be able to fill out an application for a loan through us. Please note, meeting this eligibility does not guarantee you’ll be approved for a personal loan. You’ll still need to pass a credit check and affordability checks before you’ll be approved. If you have any queries about the loan application, please contact us and speak to our customer service team.

Can I Fill in an Online Loan Application for Bad Credit?

If you currently have bad credit, it shouldn’t deter you from completing an online loan application through us. Even if your credit history is currently poor, we may still be able to connect you with lenders who can help. We work differently and consider not just your credit rating but also your affordability. You may have no credit history, but have the affordability to make repayments on your loan application. There is still a chance of finding a lender who can help. A joint guarantor loan may be the best option in this situation.

If you find a lender that can offer lending for bad credit, it could mean it will need a higher rate of interest. This is because to a lender, someone with bad credit would propose a larger risk to lend to. You’ll need to fully review the loan offers available to ensure you’re happy with the terms being offered.


Why Should I Choose Personal Loans Now to Complete a Loan Application?

There are many advantages of completing a loan application through Personal Loans Now. This includes a quick and convenient online process and as well as:

  • Complete Online Application – you’ll be able to apply fully online for a loan, with no paperwork needed.
  • High Acceptance Rates – we’re proud to offer high acceptance rates. We have helped 50,000 people already get the loan they want, and we’re eager to help more people.
  • Low APR Rates – we search the market to find you the best and lowest deals on the market for you.
  • Instant Approval – it takes minutes to complete a loan application, with a decision made in just 90 seconds.
  • Same Day Payout – we can credit the funds into your bank account on the same day once approved.
  • FCA Authorised Lenders – we connect you with lenders who are FCA authorised just like us.

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Loan Application FAQs

Can I Complete a Crisis Loan Application through Personal Loans Now?

We can help you get a short term loan if you need funds in a hurry or emergency situation. A crisis loan application is normally for a situation where a disaster has happened. We do offer different types of cheap short term loan that can help you. Our personal loans will allow you to borrow between £1,000 and £20,000 unsecured and give you a same day pay out if approved. We can help you apply for a loan to alleviate a short term financial issue. You’ll need to consider whether borrowing more money will help your situation, or cause further issues. You should only complete a loan application if it’s necessary for you.

Can I See the Rates of Interest Before Completing a Loan Application?

We can help you see what the repayment and interest would be on a personal loan application. Using our personal loan calculator you’ll be able to see if the loan you want has affordable repayments. After your application for a loan, you’ll be able to see this in the table of offers we can provide you with.

We charge a fixed rate of interest at 39.7% RAPR (representative annual percentage rate), meaning this will stay the same throughout the term of your loan. The lenders we connect you with can also offer a fixed rate of interest. Some may charge a variable rate instead. This is where the interest can increase as well as decrease during the loan term. Much like a credit card, you would pay more interest with a higher amount outstanding on the loan. Please check the loan offers carefully to ensure you are happy with the rates of interest being charged.

What’s the Maximum I Can Apply for with an Online Loan Application?

Depending on the type of loan you want to apply for, you can borrow up to £20,000 unsecured and up to £250,000 secured. Personal loans are a type of unsecured borrowing. This means you won’t need to attach any personal assets to the loan amount as security. With a secured loan, such as a home equity loan, personal property would need to be secured against the loan application. This is normally a vehicle or your property, for example. This is due to the higher values wanting to be loaned and because of the higher risk to a lender. You’ll need to carefully consider how much you want to apply for with a higher value loan. The interest charges tend to be higher with a secured loan. If you’re looking to submit a loan application nearer to £250,000, you will need to have a good credit score. You’ll also need to prepare to pay the loan over a longer period, for example, 10 years.

Does it Cost Anything to Complete an Application for a Loan?

No, we do not charge a fee to be able to use our service at Personal Loans Now. You’ll also not need to have a credit check carried out to see your own personalised table of offers. We want to make Personal Loans Now as easy and convenient to use as possible. We don’t believe in charging for the service we provide. Whether you want a £10,000 loan or £1,000 from us, it will be fee free. Other lenders may charge a fee, so you’ll need to check this as part of your application to make sure you’re happy.

If I’m in Financial Difficulty, Can I Still Complete a Loan Application?

If you’re in financial difficulties, your application for a loan may not be approved. As responsible lenders, we need to ensure you can afford the loan you want. We want to check that you’re not overextended by further borrowing. If you are unsure of what you can afford, we recommend that you complete an income and outgoings form. This will enable you to see exactly what your disposable income is. If you need help, we recommend using organisations such as the Money Advice Service or Citizens Advice. They can help provide you with impartial financial advice.

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