The Ultimate Guide to Personal Loans UK

Learn how to use Personal Loans UK effectively.
Personal Loans Now presents you with the ultimate guide to personal loans UK, helping you to find and use personal loans based on your individual circumstances. It is split into three sections: Basic Information about Personal finance Loans, Personal Loans Interest Rates and Repaying Personal finance.

Guide to Personal Loans UK - personal loans uk

As personal loans are becoming an increasingly popular option, UK citizens often find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer amount of options available. Struggling to understand the terms and conditions and propelled by the urgent need to get money fast, many apply for loans that are unsuited for their situation and requirements. This can often result in a more expensive loan than necessary, and in some situations, it can have dire consequences should they be unable to meet the repayments.

We’ve decided to tackle this problem by creating this free guide to personal loans UK that covers every aspect of thse loans in clear detail. Look through the sections below and click on any title that interests you – it may just save you from ending up with the wrong personal loan.

Basic Information about Personal Loans UK

In this first section of the guide, you will learn all the basic information you will need on personal finance loans. This includes the historical background of these loans, and who they are available for, and why you may need one. Furthermore, we will direct you on how to apply for loans and decide which personal loan is the best for you. Every loan comes with strings attached – but they all come under the regulation of the FCA.

Part 1: Basic Personal Loans Information
Chapter 1: Get the Lowdown on Personal Loans Chapter 2: Should I Take Out a Loan?
Chapter 3: The Benefits of Personal Finance Chapter 4: Personal Loans, Overdrafts and Credit Cards
Chapter 5: Joint Personal Loans Chapter 6: Best Loan Rates: Where Do I Start?
Chapter 7: Common Questions about Unsecured Personal Loans Chapter 8: The Ins and Outs of Personal Loans
Chapter 9: Personal Loans – Identification and Proof of Income Chapter 10: A Handy Guide to Credit Union Personal Loans

Personal Loans UK: Interest Rates

Next, Personal Loans Now guides you through interest rates. The articles in this section explain the facts and figures of personal loan interest rates and APR. Learn how to tell exactly how much a personal finance loan is going to cost you from start to finish. Personal Loans Now will discuss how interest rates differ for unsecured loans and finally, how to make the right choice of a personal loan to fit your needs. We recommend you use the advice services calculator to work it out what you should expect to pay when you take out a loan.

Part 2: Personal Loans UK: Interest Rates
Chapter 1: Facts about Interest Rates on Personal Loans Chapter 2: Personal Loans Rates and APR
Chapter 3: Personal Loans UK Interest Rates Chapter 4: Interest Rates on Unsecured Personal Loans
Chapter 5: Compare Personal Loans – Make the Right Choice

Repaying a Personal Loan

In the final section of the guide, Personal Loans Now discusses the rules of repaying personal finance loans. We will answer many questions, such as: Can I repay early? What happens if I cannot make the payment on time? Finally, we will discuss whether it is worth taking one out and the affordability of a personal loan.

Part 3: Repaying a Personal Loan
Chapter 1: Understanding Loan Repayments and Overpayments
Chapter 2: Personal Loans And Affordability

Personal Loans UK from Personal Loans Now

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Guide to Personal Loans UK - personal loans uk