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When looking for credit and you’re in a hurry, at Personal Loans Now we can provide you with quick loans online that can give you a decision within minutes. Whether it’s getting fast loans, no guarantor needed or quick loans, bad credit, we’ll help you find quick loans online that match your circumstances. If you meet our criteria below, apply now and we’ll get started on finding you the very best rates with quick loans online.


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Am I Eligible for Quick Loans Online?

If you want to take advantage of fast loans from Personal Loans Now, you’ll need to meet the following criteria:

You are aged 18 and over

You are aged 18 and over

Are a current UK resident

Are a current UK resident

Have a UK bank account

Have a UK bank account


Once we have determined you’re eligible for quick loans online, we’ll work quickly to find you lenders who are able to offer you fast loans. At Personal Loans Now we are a direct lender, so if we can borrow you the credit we will offer to do so. However, if we cannot, then we will use our large database provided by Monevo to offer you the terms and amount you’re looking for.

Why Should I Use Personal Loans Now for Quick Loans UK?

We’re confident you’ll find exactly what you want in quick loans online by using our services. No matter your circumstances, we’ll be able to use the information you provide us to determine fast loans for you. Some of the reasons many people have trusted us for quick loans online include:

  • Fast Application – less than 3 minutes
  • Even Faster Decision – in 90 seconds
  • We are a Direct Lender – meaning we can provide you borrowing if you meet our requirements. If not, then we’ll find you a lender who can.
  • You can apply for quick loans online between £2,000 and £25,000
  • Fully Online Service – no having to wait for paperwork
  • High Approval Rates – quick loans, bad credit; no problem
  • We’re FCA and GDPR Compliant; you can be assured of our services.


Quick Loans, Bad Credit – Can I Still Get A Quick Loan Online?

Quick Loans, Bad Credit – Can I Still Get A Quick Loan Online?

The good news is that at Personal Loans Now even if you have a poor credit rating, this doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be able to receive fast loans. We are responsible lenders, so we want to make sure that you can definitely afford the repayments in a timely manner as agreed within your application terms. As long as we and other lenders can see your commitment to repayments and you have thoroughly checked your income and outgoings, you’ll be in the best position possible to receive the best rates.


Please be aware that if you do have a poor credit rating, you may find the rates of interest to be higher than usual. This is because to a lender you will be seen as a bigger risk to lend to and as part of our commitment to FCA guidelines, we want to ensure your affordability is right for the type of loan you want. Our advice is to use readily available income and expenditure tools online so that you can see the exact amount you can afford before applying.

How Does Quick Loans UK Work?

If you have determined you are eligible for quick loans online and have checked your current income and outgoings, all you need to do is hit the Apply Now button.

  1. We process your entire application online; all you’ll need to do is fill in the required information with your personal details and desired loan amount, as well as repayment terms.
  2. Within 90 seconds, we’ll be able to give you a decision quickly, meaning you’ll be one step closer to receiving funds.
  3. Once approved, you will receive the credit within the hour, whether that’s from us or another lender.

Because we offer fast loans, you’ll be able to go from clicking the apply now button to credit in your account very quickly, as long you meet the eligibility requirements. We are proud to offer an efficient and quick online process, meaning you can spend less time searching and more time putting the funds to good use. With quick loans, bad credit is not an obstacle to lenders either, meaning if you meet the requirements of being able to afford the repayments, then you may find a lender willing to borrow to you.

Find out today and Apply Now for quick loans online through us; at Personal Loans Now we aim to speedily, efficiently and responsibly provide you with funding. If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll respond as quickly as we can.

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Written by: Kylie Jenson
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