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When you need helpful advice on your finances, we understand there can be a lot of information out there to digest. When it comes to understanding what a credit score is and how credit scores work, the explanation and finer details you want to know needs to be explained in a way that’s easy to understand. That’s why we want to help by explaining some of the more important aspects of your finances. That’s why we have created a free to use and download eBook to understand your credit report, so you can read, print and use offline.

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Our easy to follow credit report guide will ensure even the most complex aspects around credit scores and reports are simple to follow and understand. Our eBook is broken down into digestible chapters, using a combination of text and infographics for visualisation. Available to download in PDF format, you can save it easily to your desktop, laptop or mobile device.

Credit Scores Explained

Our eBook explains what you need to know about the credit score range and your credit report. As it is a very important part of your finances, understanding your credit score and report is vital in modern finance. You may be aware of what your credit score is, but do you want to know more about how this is calculated, how credit scores work, and why they are important in almost all aspects of our lives? From applying for a bank account, personal loans, a secured loan, or car loans, to getting a mobile phone contract or satellite TV. Even when setting up your house utility payments, overall your credit score will be checked and scrutinised more than you may realise. If you’ve only been able to look at bad credit loans or guarantor loans as an option up until now, understanding how you can improve your credit rating will present you with more product options in the future.

We’ll detail what to find in your credit report, what to focus on and how to make sense of the information contained. If you’ve never checked your credit report in detail, our eBook is the ideal companion. You’ll be able to find out what can affect your current score, how lenders will judge your credit file and how to improve your credit score for the better. Did you know, for example, that a lender can see who you are financially linked to? Or that your credit history from the last 6 years is viewable when a lender assesses your application? All this and more is detailed within our eBook.

The ‘Understanding Your Credit Report & Score’ eBook contains the following chapters:

What is a Credit Score?
How is My Credit Score Calculated?
What to look for in a Credit Report
Does Being Refused Credit Affect Your Credit Rating?
How Can I Improve My Credit Score?
How Can My Credit Score Report Help Protect Me?

Download now and take advantage of our free advice on understanding your credit score and report in detail. Using it as a guide, you’ll be able to review your own credit report and score with confidence and understand the reasons behind the results.

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