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Can I apply for unsecured loans for bad credit in the UK? Yes, you can. Personal Loans Now offers
access to a wide range of unsecured personal loans online, ranging from £500 to £25,000*. Some of the direct lenders
on our panel specialise in funding unsecured loans for people with very bad credit score. You can get an instant
decision with same day payout, and we only deal with FCA-authorised direct lenders. Apply now for the loan offer that’s perfect for you!

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Everything about our unsecured loans for bad credit

Unsecured loans for bad credit

Getting an unsecured loan for bad credit in the UK is possible even with no guarantor. By definition, unsecured loans are a bit more expensive as the lenders need to balance the risk. Unlike banks, private unsecured loans providers in the UK do not take any security to guarantee the loan. The best UK lenders provide unsecured loans with an instant decision, so you can get the money in your account on the same day. Unlike payday loans where we always recommend working directly with the lenders, FCA authorised unsecured loans brokers tend to be a better option if you need a loan fast.

Unsecured Loans - Personal Loans Now

Can I get unsecured loans for poor credit in the UK?

Unsecured Loans - Personal Loans Now

Can I get an unsecured loan for bad credit with no guarantor?

Unsecured loans are risky for the lender, so they prefer to lend to applicants with a good
credit rating. However, many direct lenders specialise in unsecured loans for bad credit,
so it is possible to obtain a loan. You may be tempted to opt for an unsecured loan with
no credit check, but remember that these loans are illegal in the UK, and it is better
to search for bad credit unsecured loans in the UK. We at Personal Loans Now will always
do our utmost to ensure you get the right unsecured loan for your situation, regardless
of your credit score.

Lenders are often wary of lending to applicants with bad credit, so finding a guarantor to co-sign
makes obtaining a loan much easier. However, it is often difficult to find a guarantor, so
many people just search for unsecured loans with no guarantor instead. It is indeed possible
to obtain unsecured loans for bad credit with no guarantor. At Personal Loans Now, we accept
your application no matter what your credit score is, and we will never ask for a guarantor.
We work with the best direct lenders in the UK; some can provide loans for people with poor
credit history, others may require a guarantor. Apply now and let us do the hard work of
checking with all our direct lenders if they can fund your loan.

  • Unsecured loans for people with bad credit
  • No guarantor needed
  • No application fee
  • Instant decision
  • Direct lenders panel

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Unsecured personal loans

Unsecured personal loans are an excellent alternative for traditional payday loans and short term loans in
the UK. You can get an unsecured personal loan even if your credit history is far from perfect. At Personal
Loans Now, you can borrow from £500 up to £25,000* unsecured and with no guarantor. Unsecured personal
loans are often a great option to fund a large purchase, carry out home improvements, or for debt consolidation.
An unsecured personal loan does not require you to provide any collateral. People used to payday loans
may be surprised that they can get a much higher amount of money with unsecured personal loans online.

Unsecured Loans - Personal Loans Now

Can I get unsecured personal loans with poor credit without a guarantor?

Unsecured Loans - Personal Loans Now

How can I find the best unsecured personal loan rates?

In the UK, unsecured personal loans are available for people with bad credit even without a guarantor.
Personal loans are typically bigger and cheaper than payday loans. Personal loans monthly
repayment is more affordable than traditional payday loans and hence more affordable for
many people with poor credit. When making a lending decision, the direct lender always evaluate
if you can afford the monthly repayments. A secured loan is usually required when both indicators:
credit score and affordability are not satisfactory. Please note that unsecured personal
loans with no credit check are not legal in the UK.

To find the cheapest deal on an unsecured personal loan, it’s best to start by looking at your options. Shop around, check
out as many different lenders as possible. Don’t just look at the interest rates they are
offering, remember to look at their fees, terms, and loan amounts too. It’s important to
consider how well each one matches up with your specific needs. Low interest unsecured personal
loans are not a general product. The interest rate represents the lender risk of giving you
the money without any securities. Here at Personal Loans Now, we are happy to do this for
you and check with the best direct lenders in the UK if they can fund your loan application.
We never charge an application fee, and you get an instant decision.

  • Unsecured personal loans for bad credit
  • Instant decision online
  • High acceptance rate
  • Low interest rate (APR)
  • No guarantor needed

Unsecured Loans from Personal Loans Now

For many people in the UK, unsecured personal loans are the best option for credit. At Personal Loans Now, we promise always
to do our best to ensure you get the right unsecured personal loan for you. Even with a poor credit score, we won’t
keep you waiting – you’ll receive an instant decision in just 90 seconds, with same day payout of £500 to £25,000
if approved. The interest rate is much lower than payday loans,
and the monthly repayment is by far more affordable. Better affordability means higher acceptance rate for people
with bad credit. Check your options now, no application fee.

When you’re trying to decide between these two types of loans, there is a lot to consider. For simplicity, we’ve
summed it up in this infographic. Simply answer the questions to see which loan is best for you.

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