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Unsecured Loans Online

When it comes to unsecured loans online, we have all the options available right here! We offer offer unsecured loans for the short term; for the long term and with or without a guarantor. Need to apply?

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What’s an
unsecured loan?

An unsecured loan is a loan that doesn’t require you to sign over any of your belongings, such as your house, car or gold, to the lender if you cannot repay your loan. Instead, you sign a contract stating that you will pay the unsecured loan back on pre-arranged dates set out in the agreement. You can get an unsecured loan from Personal Loans Now. Click here to apply.

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What if I don’t pay my unsecured loan back?

If you don’t make payments as agreed in the loan contract, the lender can still claim the money back through the legal system. For example, the lender can ask for the money you owe to be siphoned off your salary. In extreme cases, a court may agree for your possessions to be seized to give the money you owe back to the lender.

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What’s a
secured loan?

When you borrow a secured loan, you already agree in advance that if you do not make the agreed payments, the lender can repossess pre-agreed assets (such as your house or car) to recover the debt you owe. For example, a logbook loan uses your vehicle as collateral. However, you can also use your house, expensive artwork, cash or investment savings, etc.

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Does my credit score matter with un-secured loans?

You can get approved for unsecured loans, even with bad credit, but it may mean you will pay a slightly higher interest rate. This is because an unsecured loan doesn’t require collateral and therefore carries a higher risk for the lender. To compensate for the risk, unsecured lenders carry out extra rigorous when checking your credit report. It’s therefore no surprise that those with a good credit score are more likely to be approved for unsecured personal loans. The higher the risk, the less you can borrow; so unsecured loans are usually only available for smaller amounts with higher interest rates.

Pros of unsecured loans:

  • They are available for anyone, both tenants and homeowners alike
  • No risk of losing your assets
  • Quick and fast application

Cons of unsecured loans:

  • The interest rates are high
  • You can only borrow smaller amounts of money
  • You generally need a good credit score, but some lenders, like Personal Loans Now, specialise in bad credit personal loans

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Unsecured Loans with Bad Credit

You may be looking for unsecured loans for bad credit as your credit score is not up to scratch and because:

  • You don’t have assets to offer,
  • or you prefer to pay high interest rather than risk losing your valuable assets

Personal Loans Now offer high acceptance unsecured personal loans for bad credit scores with fair interest rates if you can show us that you can afford to make the repayments.

If you wish to apply for a loan because you have bad credit, you have two options with Personal Loans Now: guarantor unsecured loans or unsecured no guarantor loans.

Guarantor Loans

You can read all about our guarantor loans here. In short, if you find a guarantor to co-sign a loan, it will lower the cost of the interest to pay. It is also ideal for those people with bad credit scores.

Guarantor Loans for Bad Credit

No Guarantor Loans

Don’t worry if you don’t have a guarantor, we also offer loans without a guarantor. Bad credit isn’t the be all and end of all of our loan decision. We prefer to assess whether you can afford to take the loan, rather than relying only on your credit score.

No Guarantor Loans for Bad Credit

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