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We know how important it is to speak directly with who you are borrowing funds from, that’s why at Personal Loans Now we are direct unsecured loan lenders UK that can provide the funds you need. Whether you’re looking for short term unsecured loans lender or borrowing over many months, we can help you find the personal loan you need. Apply Now for loan amounts between £2,000 and £25,000 and we can work quickly to fund your account within the hour; apply today!


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What are Unsecured Loans Direct Lenders & How Do I Apply?

An unsecured loan refers to borrowing that is not tied to any personal assets; for example, a secure loan can be taken out that has your car or home attached meaning if you fall into financial difficulties these can be used to pay off the debt. An unsecured loan means your assets are protected if you can’t afford repayments, however, you will still need to arrange repayment if the worst-case scenario happens. Direct lenders refer to companies who can lend you funding directly and not a broker. At Personal Loans Now, we can offer the best of both situations, meaning we can lend you the money directly if we agree to your terms, but if we can’t, we can refer you to other unsecured loans direct lenders who may still be able to help.

If you want to apply for borrowing from direct unsecured loan lenders UK, you’ll need to make sure you meet the following criteria:

You are aged 18 and over

You are aged 18 and over

Are a current UK resident

Are a current UK resident

Have a UK bank account

Have a UK bank account


Once we have established you meet these criteria, you’ll be able to fill out our online application form and get started; Apply Now!

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We Work with Direct Unsecured Loan Lenders UK – How It Works

As we are a direct lender, we hope we can provide you with the borrowing you’re looking for. From time to time however we may not be able to fulfil this, but that doesn’t mean your chances of receiving an unsecured loan is finished. We work alongside Monevo, who have access to over 40 other direct lenders, so if we cannot offer you the funds, we can then refer you to Monevo who will very quickly provide you with lenders who can.



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We are responsible lenders, so we are committed to ensuring you are able to afford the lending you want to borrow. We highly recommend you review your finances before making any financial commitments and it is best to work out your exact income and outgoings so you can see your affordability after all your bills. This way, you can be confident of the loan repayments you’ll be looking to make.

Can I Apply for Unsecured Loans Direct Lenders if I Have Bad Credit?

Yes, you can still apply even if you have bad credit; how? Well, we take into account that not everybody has a great credit rating, so if you do have a poor credit rating then we may still be able to help. If we can see you can afford repayments, then this will be considered so that we can look to offer you the full amount you’re seeking. Of course, if we cannot offer this then the other direct lenders through Monevo will also take this into consideration. This way you’ll have a higher chance of being accepted.

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Unsecured Loans Direct Lenders – Can I Compare Loans?

Using our Credit on Demand system, you’ll be able to find the best direct loan lenders online all in one place. Once you submit your application, we will be able to compare your needs with each lender and show you the cheapest personal loan rates for you. All you have to do is select the one the works best for your circumstances; simple as that.

If you have any question surrounding unsecured loans direct lenders, feel free to contact us directly and our friendly team will be happy to help. Alternatively, please check our FAQs to see common questions asked by our customers. If you ready to process your application, click on Apply Now.

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